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An Open Letter To the Chief of Police, Ventura

Dear Chief Corney,

I was so sorry to hear about the stabbing that took place at the Aloha Steakhouse this past weekend. And I was particularly embarrassed for you to see one of your commanders appear on television and announce that an officer should have been sent to address the problem this homeless person was creating. And for that commander to say that he didn’t have anybody to send caused me to ask myself, again, where have all the police gone????

I live in the marina and have for several years. It appears, though, that the Ventura Police Department has forgotten where the marina is. One wouldn’t think you would as it is a great asset to the City, but it sure seems that way.

As tragic as the Aloha incident is, it is just the tip of the iceberg for the beach and marina areas. Those of us who live in the marina area, work in it, and/or visit it are constantly subjected to crime caused by the homeless population.

In the Harbor Village the shop and restaurant owners are constantly harassed by people lurking in the breezeways, digging through the trash, breaking into cars, terrorizing women with aggressive begging, and stealing. In the time share-village the homeless are lurking in the hallways waiting for folks to leave their rooms so the homeless can rifle their rooms. Around Ventura Isle Marina the homeless lurk in the breezeways around the bathrooms at night waiting for patrons to come out so the homeless can either intimidate them into giving them something or use the restrooms to which they are not entitled.

The homeless dig through the trash and spread it all over the lawns. They search through the parking lots looking for an unlocked car to rifle. When that fails they break into cars to see what they can steal. And one can’t stop one’s car at the exit from the marina without being approached for a handout. The businesses closest to Harbor Boulevard are subjected to people sleeping in the bushes near their open businesses. And recently, a homeless person walked into the boat dealership, sat down at a desk, and went through the desk drawers looking for something to steal.  

I recently came home in the early morning hours of a Saturday morning from LAX. I found two car loads of drug smokers partying in our lot. These folks know when the police aren’t around. Oh! And the latest trick these folks have is to puncture plastic gasoline tanks on vehicles in our parking lot and fill a small container with gas. Then they allow the rest of the gasoline to run out on the ground underneath the vehicle. The gasoline hasn’t caught fire yet, but it is just a matter of time. One would think that perhaps the Harbor Patrol could help with some of these issues. Harbor Patrol dutifully posts the weather forecast each day. But when it comes to other activities, if it isn’t on the water or paramedic related, (both of which they are very good at)….they’re not interested.

With all this going on one would think the folks that are subjected to the homeless and their ways would be on the phone constantly to the police asking for help. We used to, but we found out that if the call involved a misdemeanor the police didn’t even send an officer out to see what was up….you sent some volunteers to take an insurance report. If we couldn’t specify a crime, we were told that there had to be a crime for you to respond. And this weekend, at Aloha Steakhouse, we were told that you couldn’t find anybody to send….by your commander.

I realize that the Ventura Police Department has other areas it needs to patrol….the Avenues, Montalvo, etc. I regularly see 3-4 officers surrounding a homeless person on Thompson Avenue. Not sure why it takes so many, but I suppose it does. But when is it our turn to have some police protection? Our quality of life issues just spilled over into murder!

As I asked at the beginning of this letter, where have all the police gone? Are you really going to let the homeless population that is rampant with drugs and crime, destroy one of Ventura’s most valuable assets?

Thank you for your attention to this letter….I would appreciate a response.

Harold Crossley, Jr. | Marina Resident, City of Ventura

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