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    Whistleblower… Smokeblower | A Coup d’état by Any Means


    By Phil Erwin

    His name is…  “unknown.”  (Yeah… right!)   His title is…  “Whistleblower!”  – exclamation included, ’cause, ya know, he’s, like, really important!   He is He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named!  Which of course makes him, really,  really bad news!

    Why, then, did Adam Schiff-less and his entire Dim-ocrat band of brothers suddenly stop talking about  him? 

    Because the news-storm that whirled around Herr Whistleblower turned out to be the very epitome of Fake News:  He does not  meet the legal standard of “whistleblower” under the applicable law.  And  even if he did, he’s not  entitled to anonymity.  The relevant statute only requires that the Inspector General taking the complaint keep his identity under wraps (so he can’t be fired for finking.)

    His identity is not sacrosanct.  It’s not a state secret.  It’s not even important – except that it might reveal his true motivations.  He might be a political partisan  (which possibility the IG noted.)  Maybe even a  “never-Trumper.”  Maybe… a member of the Deep State!   (In which case, he’s no doubt proud about having fomented a true Constitutional crisis – namely Adam Schiff-for-brains  in charge of  impeachment proceedings!)

    Given the fact that this news-shy fellow has precisely zero  first-hand knowledge regarding the call in question, he might be better-labeled a “Smokeblower.”

    But the Dim-ocrats demand  his identity be hidden to “protect him.”  From what, exactly??  He’s a non-player now.  The truth is, they’re petrified he’ll be unmasked as a lying, partisan political hack.

    But thanks to Herr Smokeblower’s  “revelations,” we’re all ensnared  in an ongoing political drama designed to “prove” that the President somehow transgressed, so as to convince us all that we better not vote for him again, ’cause the future of the known Universe is at stake!!

    Why – because Adam Schiff-head says so?   That bug-eyed… bustard seems better suited to a Men in Black scene than a Congressional hearing.  Yet we’re all stuck with his hyper-partisan hooey, thanks to Herr Smokeblower, and Madame Full-O-Shii  – who bequeathed us interminable on-screen blather from the aforementioned Shiff-head by putting his No-Intelligence Committee in charge.  

    So, what is this Impeachment blather all about? 

    President Trump, in a telephone call with the Ukraine’s new President Zelensky, broached the subject of Ukrainian cooperation with  American efforts to investigate corruption – including investigating possible troubles involving Joe Biden and the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, which  installed Biden’s son Hunter on its corporate board – to the tune of about $80,000 a month!

    If you give this situation careful, impartial consideration, you’ll realize there really are two  possible ways to interpret this:

    • Trump wanted the Ukraine to dig up dirt he could use against Biden in 2020. (Dim-ocrats all assume this to be true, never considering other possibilities.)
    • Trump wanted the Ukraine to help his team (and our nation) understand how the Ukraine may have been involved in inappropriate – even potentially illegal – efforts to influence our 2016 election.  Since Trump’s oath of office requires him to “protect and defend” the Constitution and to “faithfully execute” our laws, this would be fully in keeping with his responsibilities as President.

    We can’t be sure which of these alternatives describes Trump’s intentions.

    But here’s the thing:  Both can be true – but the first doesn’t matter, if the second is true!  

    If Trump thinks the Ukraine holds unknown secrets about American corruption, he is duty bound to pursue it, to the extent that he feels the nation needs to know the truth – regardless of how it might affect his  re-election!

    And there is nothing whatsoever wrong with our President seeking assistance from President Zelensky.

    In fact, we have an actual, legal treaty in place, signed by President Clinton, which both authorizes and requires such assistance between the two nations. 

    So:  President Trump is performing his duties, and following the precepts of a recent treaty between nations, and the Dim-ocrats are Hell-bent on impeaching him for it?

    This can’t get any more wrong-headed, any more ridiculous – any more un-American!

    The Dim-ocrats insist Trump was seeking Biden-dirt to beat Joe in 2020.  But there were 24 Democrat candidates declared,  Trump couldn’t have known who might ultimately be his rival.  And Biden’s gaffes started early, came often, and made his suitability questionable.  Trump was very confident  he could handle ole Joe – why would he bother dipping his toe in Ukraine swamp water? 

    That’s just not  Trump-like.  He’s too straightforward, too confident, too self-sufficient to seek  assistance from a foreign peer, whom he doesn’t really know, and whose help he would not think he needed to beat Biden. 

    But we can judge Trump’s intent  from both the released Trump-Zelensky call transcripts.  The focus was corruption, which was the driving force behind Zelensky’s election.  Trump was congratulating Zelensky, and offering his strong support and cooperation for any efforts Zelensky would be making to fight against long-entrenched corruption in his country.

    So which of the above two possibilities is the more likely explanation of Trump’s intent?

    Answer:  The second.  Trump was reaching out to a fellow national President to both offer and seek cooperation and assistance in investigating and fighting corruption.

    And I repeat:  He did so fully in keeping with a treaty in place with that very nation!

    Meanwhile, Joe Biden is on recorded video  bragging that he used over a billion dollars of promised American aid  as leverage to get the previous Ukraine administration to drop an ongoing investigation into Burisma –  the company that paid his son’s firm more than 3 million dollars  (for what, no one seems to know.)

    So…  Joe Biden is the Democrat front-runner, while Trump’s being impeached?

    Where’s the sense in that?

    Remind me… What country are we in, again?  ‘Cause, I thought this was America – you know, where Truth and Justice were supposed to embody the American Way.

    When did we become a nation where Lies and Corruption hold the moral high-ground?

    Somebody check with Full-O-Shii and Shiff-for-brains on that.


    Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park.  He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.)  That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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    Naomi Fisher
    Naomi Fisher
    2 years ago

    Thank you Mr. Erwin. Explained in a clear and to the point way, with tongue in cheek asides that make it worth reading.
    And, it lays out the issue concisely.
    Well done.

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