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    White House on Coronavirus National Emergency

    President Trump declared a national emergency to ensure that all needed resources can be made available to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Previous steps taken, such as travel restrictions and preventive advice have helped to reduce cases, but this will help the nation scale up to deal with more cases and help prevent the spread via testing, tracking, deploying resources to where they are needed and eliminating much red tape to allow that to happen.

    A remarkable public-private partnership has been set up to help provide supplies and services to make this happen. a number of CEO’s and officials spoke briefly at a press conference on their commitment and roles to accomplish this. Hi-tech, healthcare and retailers figure most prominently in this, based on who we heard speak today.

    Meanwhile, the Democratic-led house is attempting to pass a related bill, but is at loggerheads with the President and Republicans, as Democrats are attempting to sneak in Hyde Amendment loopholes to fund abortion.

    Press Conference Transcript

    Views from White House web site

    Resolute Reads
    Trump’s Coronavirus Travel Ban Makes Sense — Here’s Why
    -Fox News
    “In dealing with pandemics, top priorities have to be limiting the spread of the disease and protecting our most vulnerable populations. Social distancing—that is, limiting the contact between people who are shedding the virus and others—is critical to achieving both goals. And that’s where travel bans have a role to play,” James Jay Carafano writes.
    MORE: “Trump is right: Suspend the payroll tax”
    Trump Coronavirus Response Will Protect America’s Economy, Workers and Businesses
    -Fox News
    “President Trump addressed the nation Wednesday night and unveiled a two-pronged program of health and economic actions to deal with the coronavirus pandemic,” Andy Puzder writes. “The president’s action plan should win bipartisan support to respond to the most serious health and humanitarian crisis our nation has faced in my nearly seven decades.”
    🇺🇸 President Trump: “We are all in this together”
    150,000 Immigrants From 72 Nations With Coronavirus Stopped at Border
    -Washington Examiner
    “Some 150,000 illegal immigrants from 72 nations with cases of the coronavirus have been apprehended or deemed inadmissible from entering the United States since November,” Paul Bedard reports. These apprehensions underscore the need for proper vetting and a safe legal immigration system as opposed to open-border policies.
    🏗 Progress: “New border wall blocks 90% of illegal crossings, up from just 10%”
    Pence: Major Health Insurers Have Agreed to Waive Copays for Coronavirus Tests
    The Hill
    “Vice President Pence said Tuesday that a group of major health insurance companies have agreed not to charge patients copays when they get tested for coronavirus,” Peter Sullivan reports. Alongside President Trump, “Pence made the comments at a meeting at the White House with the CEOs of major health insurance companies.”
    Trump Administration Takes Action to Make Portable Electronic Health Records a Reality
    USA Today
    “For many Americans, collecting and navigating their own health care records is a frustrating, time-consuming burden that leads to lower quality and higher costs,” write Jared Kushner, Seema Verma, and Dr. Don Rucker. “The Trump administration is now taking action to ensure that every American has secure access to their own health records.”
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    Trump Speech on Coronavirus Pandemic and Announced Actions

    Trump Speech on Coronavirus Pandemic and Announced Actions

    By George Miller President Trump just spoke (6-11-20, 9pm ET) on the World Health Organization-declared worldwide Coronavirus pandemic and US actions  He claimed  the most aggressive, comprehensive response to a health threat effort ever. He described “tough measures” to significantly reduce the threat and expeditiously address Coronavirus (COVID19). Trump met with banking and health care […]

    George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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