White House: Trump Is Done Negotiating; If House Bill Fails, Obamacare Remains


White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney emerged from a meeting with House Republicans with an ultimatum. If the House-led effort to replace Obamacare fails, the United States is stuck with Obamacare, according to several Congressional reporters on Twitter.

Mulvaney was joined by a group of administration officials including senior advisors Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, and Kellyanne Conway for an evening meeting with House Republicans in an effort to break the logjam on the bill. Most House Freedom Caucus members refuse to vote for the bill without major changes. Moderate House Republicans have also protested the bill.

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William Hicks

It is a fait accompli that republicans will be blamed if the current bill is either approved or not. I have always approach such issues with the following philosophy:

“When left with the choice of action or inaction, I will always take action as my option.” If I’m going to be blamed for something anyway, let it be for my action.

We may not have voted for Trump in the Primary, but many of us voted for him in the general election. We put our faith in his decisions over the known scoundrel in Clinton. Trump supports this method of getting to the goal of eliminating 0-care. The only question now is, do we trust him now as much as we trusted him at the election precinct’s.

William Hicks

Not getting this accomplished will guarantee a one term for Trump and a republican congress.

Justice for all

Trump would be a fool to have his name associated with Rat Ryan’s insurance bailout bill; Guaranteed 1 term president. Trump must VETO anything the establishment puts forward. Only Rand Paul’s bill should be considered.

William Hicks

LOOK PEOPLE, we had our reservations that Trump could be President. Right now, unlike his normal tweets, he’s trying to make sense.

Lets provide the same support we gave him after the primary, and pass this portion of health care and pass this thing and hold him, and more important the Congresses, feet to the fire to bring this to fruition; even if it may not be all that we want instantaneously.

Otherwise, republicans will be blamed for it’s failure or 0-cares failure.


I’ve said my piece.

Citizen Reporter

This is no repeal.

William Hicks

Another aspect about this first step to eliminate 0-care……IF you’re a person, like me, that believes in the sanctity of life, then you will realize that this will unfound planned parenthood unless they refuse to provide abortions. There’s a lot at stake here folks.