White Privilege and the Women Who Revel in It



By Sigrid Weidenweber

Whenever I am confronted with the term women of white privilege I instantly parse the meaning of this weighty, meaning-heavy declaration. Who is meant to be included in this nomenclature White Privilege? Does it pertain only to women who are the offspring of the white men and women who settled America and became the rich and famous founders of the United States? The owners of latifundias, slaves and plantations and the founders of the greatest capitalist enterprises and also the greatest benefactors of museums and foundations, influencing much of America’s politics?

Or are we, the small, unimportant emigrants to this country’s shores included in the term just because we happen to be white? Many of us, as the children of parents seeking freedom and opportunity, or as young women escaping the constricts of Communism, arrived with little more than the clothes on our bodies. Do the purveyors of the white privilege label include us in those ratified ranks of the truly privileged, rich whites? I doubt they’d dare. When I and many of my friends arrived in America we had fewer material goods than any of the minorities already residing here. We had nothing—but I remember fondly that we had the opportunity to freely apply our bodies and minds to any endeavor we chose.

When I look at the women on the left who are talking about white privilege, mostly your and my privilege—never their privilege, I come across the really favored exalted women. If one wants to know truly white women’s privilege one needs to look at Nancy Pelosi and her empire, multi-millionaire Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Elizabeth Warren whose estimated worth at 2015 was between 4 to 10 million, look at Kirsten Gillibrand who stems from a family of attorney and lobbyists. I can go on and on. There is Tammy Baldwin, Clair Mc Caskill, Maggie Hassan on and on and on through the Democratic party. Just go through the Hollywood register and you will find pages of the privileged white American women.

However, they do not consider themselves privileged for they are Democrats and that automatically exempts them from that list. Conservative women, no matter their means, are immediately labeled privileged if of white color.

I do not read women’s magazines but I am told that they depict Republican women as deviant. Carrie Lukas, the president of Independent Women’s Forum, quotes in an article in the Wall Street Journal the comments of the following magazines: Vogue, “Why do White Women Keep Voting for the GOP and against their own interest?” The Guardian, “Half of White Women continue to Vote Republican. What’s Wrong with Them?” That same article in the Guardian claims that we white women vote Republican for the same reason as white men—we are all racists. Really? Has one become racist by voting one’s conscience and mental thought process? How bigoted for Democrats to aver such monstrous, prejudiced slander!

The compromised left-leaning and socialist media aggrandizes Democrat women and women of the socialist roster with glossy pictures and pages filled with their accomplishments. For example, I see Kamala Harris, senator of California, featured in Glamour’s 2018 included among gun-control and Trump-hating activists. I do not see the accomplished women of the right mentioned even with cursory attention. And the right has very fine, intellectual women serving this country.

First off, I think of Nikki Haley, our ambassador to the United Nations. Does the racist label include Nikki Haley, too? She is an Indian woman. No one in the media mentions the names or achievements of Susan Collins, Shelly Moor Caputo, Joni Earnst, Deb Fisher or Cindy Hyde Smith—all Republican senators. Most have been senators with proven records for a lot longer than Kamala.

Carrie Lukas in her article mentions that far-left activists will march next months under the Women’s March banner.” And, she writes, “the media will present them as simply women—as if women with other views don’t exist.”

Well, I for one will not be represented by the marchers, as most of America’s women will not be included in this activist crowd.

Sigrid Weidenweber grew up in communist East Berlin, escaping it using a French passport. Ms. Weidenweber holds a degree in medical technology as well as psychology and has course work in Anthropology.  She is co-founder of Aid for Afghans.  Weidenweber has traveled the world and lived with Pakistani Muslims, learning about the culture and religion. She is a published author and lecturer. You can find her books on Amazon.com

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c e voigtsberger

When my grandmother arrived on the SS Carpathian from Ireland and was processed through Ellis Island she had to be sponsored by an uncle who guaranteed the U.S. government that she would not become a ward of the government for some period of time which I recall was a minimum of five years.

When my wife arrived on these shores in 1959 I had to guarantee that she would not become a ward of the government for five years. Both of them worked long and hard all their lives.

My grandmother was left a widow twice over with five young girls in an age before life insurance, social security, medicare, even welfare. There were times when some of the girls had to be farmed out to friends or relatives because my grandmother just couldn’t do enough washing and ironing to provide for five young girls and herself. Was she a white woman of privilege? Is that what the socialite, monied women of the left mean by “white privilege”?

She arrived at a time when the Irish were considered so uncouth that no Irish woman was hired as an upstairs maid. They were only good for working in the laundry and the scullery. No Irish man was hired for anything other than working the in stables or the kennels. After all, they weren’t very far up the evolutionary ladder from the animals they worked with. The Irish even had a police vehicle named after then, the infamous Paddy Wagon. Even today, news media still feel free to talk about the paddy wagon. Yet they wouldn’t dare call it some other opprobrious minority name.

I worked full time all the time I was in school and supported my wife and first one child and then a second child until I could obtain employment in my chosen field. Five days a week I left the house at 6:30 in the morning and if I was lucky and caught the 9:30 bus after work I got home by 10:00. If I missed the 9:30 bus I didn’t get home until 10:30. If I got a chance to fill in for somebody and work over time on Saturday or Sunday, I did, but those were short days as I was only gone from home for a little less than ten hours rather than fifteen.

Yeah, we are the privileged white class for sure.