Who Are the REAL Law-breakers in Brown’s, Newsom’s, Padilla’s, and Becerra’s California Sanctuary State?!


By Deborah Baber Savalla

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on Saturday, April 7, 2018 that a horse-trailer overturned on I-8. The good news is the people involved suffered only “minor to moderate” injuries and NO horses died. The REASON no horses died, however, is infuriating, alarming, sad, and heartbreaking.

No horses died traveling in the horse-trailer because there WERE NO HORSES in the trailer!

The trailer was hauling 18 (or 19) illegal aliens. Two women were transported by air and four men by ground ambulance to nearby hospitals. CHP, the California Highway Patrol, was called to the scene and in-turn contacted ICE/Border Patrol following the proper chain-of-command for immigration issues. CHP claims 18 people are involved whereas ICE counts 19. It is not yet clear what accounts for the discrepancy nor do we yet know what countries the 18-19 people come from.

It may not be THE horse trailer, but the picture of criminal acts and human misery is clear!

This episode is infuriating and deeply heartbreaking because our borders are too porous. And California’s governing left-wing, communist-socialist, “Democrat” Party, led by Governor Jerry Brown, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Secretary of State Alex Padilla, and Attorney General Xavier Becerra, openly defies the Federal Government’s Constitutionally-based immigration jurisdiction. 

US Immigration and Nationality Act Sec. 274. [8 U.S.C. 1324] entitled “Bringing In and Harboring Certain Aliens” states that…

“Any person who …knowing that a person is an alien…and who… in reckless disregard of the fact…facilitates the transportation of that person across a nondesignated place without inspection…” by a U.S. official…(it does NOT say a California official!)…into the United States is committing a crime. The statute goes on to say that anyone who “…encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States…aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts…will be in violation of law.”

It is barbaric to entice people with promises of food, shelter, and a better way of life knowingly luring them into law-breaking situations. The Governor and Lt. Governor are aiding and abetting criminal acts. Like magicians Brown and Newsom do so with a sleight-of-hand trick.

They hold up one hand proclaiming their “benevolent humanity for ALL people” while their other hands are behind their backs waving alien populations on to proceed illegally into the United States.

Brown’s and Newsom’s fingers on their hidden hands are crossed so the Governor and Lt. Governor can avoid all accountability for crimes and misdemeanors. They can proclaim zero responsibility for the humans they hurt regardless of whether the alien agreed to being smuggled across the border or was trafficked. Secretary of State Padilla and Attorney General Becerra give Brown, Newsom, and others like them cover for their crimes against humanity both at home and abroad.

It is immoral AND illegal to traffic in people. Yet this cabal, these fellow travelers, this California Soviet facilitates human slavery. They did so in passing and signing SB 54, the Sanctuary State bill, AND by passing additional legislation that funds their lawlessness. These people, the Cal-Soviets, take action in service to a communist-inspired, globalist agenda, human misery be damned!

Just last month SOS Padilla was mute when AG Becerra threatened to bring legal action against Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens for rightly defying SB 54. The irony is Hutchens, in defying SB 54, is doing precisely what the Cal-Soviet has done to Federal law by enacting the odious SB 54.

California’s Soviet rulers passed SB 54, the so-called “California Values Act”. They did so in defiance of the Federal Government’s Constitutional authority for immigration into our great United States of America.True-to-form, the Cal-Soviet proclaims its supremacy over lesser jurisdictions in California contravening the supremacy of our Constitution. Sheriff Hutchens on the other hand, rightly defies the “defiers!” She does so to protect and defend the population she was elected by and sworn to serve. The Cal-Soviet took the same oath which they readily set aside whenever it does not serve their agenda.

We are a nation of laws derived from our Constitution, a document unlike any other in the history of mankind. We are also a nation of generous, caring, and welcoming people. But as with any collection of people or things, too often upon closer examination one finds there are some in the collection who do not belong there.

Brown, Newsom, Padilla, and Becerra are Cal-Soviet law-breaking people. They and people like them who lie to fellow human beings about crossing our borders illegally are, like their Democrat forebears, slavers!

Deborah Baber Savalla: I am a former New York City book publishing executive with over 20 years of experience. I believe in moral clarity because it leads naturally to personal responsibility which WILL RESULT in small governments. I am privileged to work for Citizens Journal. I write columns and editorials for the Journal as a private citizen. I strive to be scrupulous when identifying my work as a private citizen versus that of a reporter or Journal contributor. The views expressed as a private individual are mine alone and are not necessarily that of Citizens Journal. 

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