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    Who Is Tony Bobulinski (and Why Should We Care)?

    by Phil Erwin

    Do you recognize the name “Tony Bobulinski”? Know why he’s important to you?

    If you are a Conservative, a Republican or an unaffiliated Independent – or even an open-minded Democrat (are there any still alive?) – you probably know at least a little about this guy.

    He’s been prominent in the news – at least on FOX and OANN – for about a week, ever since he came forward – the civilian equivalent of a government whistle-blower – to give you the benefit of his personal experience with the Family Biden, which he believes should make you think thrice about voting for Joe Biden.

    But if you get your news from CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, or any other news outlet that just generally supports the Democrat side of every argument, you very likely have not even heard of Tony Bobulinski.

    Because Tony’s story is being deliberately hidden by the Media from the very American voters he is trying to inform as to things he’s sure they would want to know before they mark their ballots.

    That sounds to me like election tampering.

    But it ain’t the Russians doing it.

    It’s our “Mainstream” news Media. It’s our own supposed-to-be-Free Press.

    And if you get your news from Facebook or Twitter and you think you’re immune from the Mainstream censorship, you couldn’t be more wrong.

    Bobulinski’s story was researched, verified, written and published by the New York Post, one of America’s oldest newspapers, founded over 200 years ago by Alexander Hamilton. Not exactly a lightweight news organization.

    Yet, Twitter blocked their account, ostensibly because Twitter “could not validate the source of the information.” Hunhh?!?? I thought Twitter had proclaimed high and low that they are only a “platform” for others to use to deliver information. Why is Twitter trying to “validate” anything?

    Answer: They’re not. They aren’t “validating” information, they are hiding it. Selectively. Because they don’t want you to see it.

    Because they’re afraid that it’ll convince you to not vote for Joe Biden.

    (That’s only because… it should!)

    Bobulinski’s information makes it crystal-clear that Joe Biden and members of his family have been engaged in highly questionable financial activities for years, since roughly the moment Joe acquired the Vice President title. In fact, they’ve been at the game known as “influence peddling” for about as long as Joe Biden has been in government – which is just shy of half a century!

    No wonder they’ve stayed clear of the Poorhouse.

    I said “questionable” rather than “illegal” because no crimes have been proven, or even alleged. Yet.

    But it feels incredibly meaningful that no Biden has in any way refuted or contradicted Bobulinski’s information.

    We should certainly expect the FBI to be studying the information just provided to them by Bobulinski. And if the oft-repeated Democrat mantra that “No one is above the law” is still true, then a number of men with the last name of “Biden” might be sweating some pretty large-calibre bullets right about now.

    (Although, to be real, the fact that Hillary is still roaming around free is clear testament to the fact that at least some women actually are “above the law.”)

    And if Joe Biden is elected this-coming Tuesday, you can bet the rest of the Biden clan will breathe enormous sighs of relief. Pop some corks. Throw on some steaks. Maybe call up some of those type women who answer calls – you know, the kind Hunter’s got in his book. Wherever Hunter is.

    (By the way: Where’s Hunter??)

    Now, Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, just appeared before a Senate hearing and proclaimed that the Post’s account had been unlocked, and all they needed to do was to delete all the offending material (which he says is still there,) and then re-post it. Supposedly it would be OK now because the rules had since been reviewed and changed.

    [Let me just say, as an ex-IT guy: That seems preposterous. If the original posts are still on the account, they can simply be unlocked electronically. Whatever database field equates to “content locked” can be cleared in seconds. End of story. Does the actual founder of Twitter not know that??]

    Now, you might ask just how relevant this information is to our upcoming election. The answer is perhaps best found in Joe Biden’s own words. He says that this election is all about character. Call me old-fashioned, but I think that the American character is all about fairness, about honesty, about honerable action.

    The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board recently put it this way:

    Joe Biden is asking voters to elect him on the strength of his character, honesty and judgment. Which is why Mr. Biden owes a response to new allegations about his son Hunter’s business deals.

    Here’s a link to that editorial (you need a subscription to read the entire article, but you can watch the video without it:)

    If you have not yet voted – and especially, if you are still unsettled/uncertain about whom to vote for – you owe it to yourself, your family and your country to spend some time getting familiar with the information Tony Bobulinski has tried to provide you, and which the Media Mob has tried to hide from you. I’ve provided several links below to help you dig up this highly relevant information. Please do take some time to follow them and get the lay of the land.

    Our country’s future depends on our getting this election right.

    * * *

    Here’s a review of the issue by Media watchdog Jeffrey Lord:

    Here’s a list of relevant stories recently published by the New York Post:

    Tucker Carlson devoted his entire show to a cogent, revealing interview with Bobulinski. Here’s a link to the Tucker Carlson Tonight show, which has video clips and entire show videos and transcripts:

    This link is to full Tucker episodes, including that one-hour interview of Mr. Bobulinski on Oct. 28th, and the 29th which included an additional segment from the interview:

    Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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