Why California Has Been Getting Major Rainfall After Years Of Drought

Mount Shasta

California’s terrain is so diverse, spanning almost the entire West Coast, that the Golden State gets it all, from earthquakes to snow and drought. In some areas, tepid year round temperatures and few rainy days are welcome staples, even tourist attractions. So imagine everyone’s surprise when the state, which was in a drought for the last…

2 Responses to Why California Has Been Getting Major Rainfall After Years Of Drought

  1. David Pu'u May 12, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    In the first place it was not a “La Nina Year”. We still had ENSO conditions in the CPAC for much of the Winter season.

    Ca did NOT have 45 AR events make landfall. There were 17.

    “In February, the Oroville Dam north of Sacramento reached full capacity and broke open, flooding the surrounding area and causing more than $100 million in damages.”

    No it did not. the main spillway and emergency spillways failed. Actual cost as a result of these man made failures under the inept guidance of DWR will cost a LOT more than 100 million.

    This article is wrought with disinformation.

  2. Virginia Bryce May 12, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    I remember as a youngster in the early 1930’s, one year my father took our family to see the flooded areas where houses were washed away in Southern California.

    In all my years in California, we have had five-seven year draughts and then a torrential rainy season.
    This was before any talk of climate change.


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