Why countering the DUI checkpoints could be the key to restoration of our liberty

Editor’s note:  We are presenting a three part op-ed on the Unconstitutionally of DUI checkpoints. This is part three.  Mr. Boyer is a community activist and proponent of the 4th Amendment.  We invite opposing views from all quarters, including law enforcement.




By Bruce Boyer

Countering a checkpoint could be the key for the following reasons:

A Counter

A Counter

1. It takes but a few citizens to create an effective counter and can completely negate a checkpoint. You do not need ‘numbers’ to make an impact.2. The effect of action is immediate and tangible. The participants, the police and the citizens see the immediate effect.
3. As this is done publicly, there will be media coverage, counters and the call-outs of City Councils and Police Departments.
4. The public can clearly see that these checkpoints violate their Rights, no need to argue or persuade, it is clear. With that acknowledgement they can then see how their other Rights are violated, to understand that Rights are exactly that, nothing less.
5. These checkpoints impact the younger Americans the most. These are the people who, if motivated, are most able to take the dedicated action necessary to restore our liberty. Younger Americans are not as apt to be complacent about their comfortable life, caught up in work and family.
6. These counters are able to show what a few can do and with that people can begin to grasp that if a few can do this, what could a hundred citizens do? A thousand accomplish?
7. These are not a conservative/Liberal or a Republican/Democrat issue. There is no stimulated division among people who will defend liberty. There is unity for Liberty.
8. The participants can do so without putting themselves at personal risk.
9. The participants can do so without making a significant time expenditure, not missing work. Doing so on a schedule that works for themselves.
10. The participants can do so without any financial expenditure.
11. Once there is an understanding of Rights, those of everyone just driving down a road, they can grasp the impact as our Rights are for all of us, we are not able to be segmented into “it does not affect me” groups, because it does.

CJ asked Mr. Boyer what he meant by “countering” checkpoint efforts and received the following response:

Countering a checkpoint is a tactic that we employ to accomplish the following.

  1. Let the citizens know that there are others who will stand up and say ‘no’ to abuses of our Rights. That they can act as we do.
  2. That these checkpoints are a violation of their Rights.
  3. Warning drivers of what is ahead so that they will detour around it.

We do this by getting out in front of the checkpoint with large banners, signs, lights, American Flags. We also go back to where the cars are stacked up that did not detour to encourage them to not yield their Rights.  Two or three of us can spark spontaneous activism. We always have people come over and join us. People express their gratitude by shouting support, blowing their horns and joining us. People come out and bring us water, maybe coffee.  It is especially gratifying to get the support of so many young people ( they are the ones out on the road late at  night) who get that their Rights are being abused.

The net effect is the checkpoint is negated, countered as drivers detour around it. Citizens grasp that these violate their Rights.  People are subject to search  and endure it when there is no probable cause.  It is not ‘an inconvenience’ it is a violation of their Rights.

Citizens see that just few people can effectively counter the abuse.  Right then and there, not someday, or when some politician or judge gets it, We did it. It is not a protest.  It is a — no, they shall not do this and we are stopping them.

This is why such direct action is the catalyst that could propel the reestablishment of our liberty forward. If we can stop this abuse, then we can stop the rest. Start where you can win. Give your side a victory. This is exactly what George Washington did Christmas of 1776 when he took his tiny force, whose enlistments were about to end, and attacked the British and utterly routed them at Trenton. We need a win!


Bruce Boyer is the Chief Instigator of the SonsofLibertyLA. Since 2010 they have been a “boots on the ground” Civil Rights action group. The group gets out to take action to defend our Civil Rights as free men and women. They get out to shut down checkpoints, turn the tables on ‘gun-buy-backs’; speak out at City Council meeting; get the word out at public events and more. Civil Rights are as spelled out in our Bill of Rights.

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