Why is NEA Pushing COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing For All Students?

By Stephen Frank

Yesterday a 13 year old boy died three days after being forced to take a jab.  Yet, thanks to Congress, neither the drug company nor the government can be sued.  Over 1200 young men, after taking the jab now have life long heart problems—again, they will be forced to pay for the corruption of the government.  Now a union has decided that kids must take a risky experimental drug, or they will not be allowed to get an education.

“According to Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, epidemiologist and professor of medicine at Stanford University, and director of Stanford’s Center for Demography and Economics of Health and Aging, the COVID vaccine does not benefit children. Speaking on a panel Wednesday, he added that the government cannot use the same argument to mandate the COVID vaccine as the Small Pox vaccine, which was deadly to most. “What intent does the state have in mandating in older people?” he asked. “Health intervention,” he said, but added that this vaccine needs a distinction from the MMR or Small Pox vaccines.

As for mandating that children must be vaccinated in the fall before going back to school, Bhattacharya said “this is deeply, deeply unethical. My calculation is that the vaccine is not that good for children. There’s almost no benefit to children. And everybody agrees with that,” he added.

“In that context, you’re just denying children the right to go to school,” he said. “Why would you do that? It’s much more harmful for them to skip school, like the last year and a half in California.”

This union extorted mandate will cause a generation of young people with the potential of early deaths and life long health issues—and the union can not be sued for blackmail, extortion and abuse of children.

Source http://www.capoliticalreview.com/capoliticalnewsandviews

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Mike Smith

“This union extorted mandate will cause a generation of young people with the potential of early deaths and life long health issues—and the union can not be sued for blackmail, extortion and abuse of children.”

And then some. Consider this:

“One of the leading Democrats of the last half-century told me years ago that politicians in California are window dressing; the real power in California is wielded by unions”

By the way, unions are not subject to the will of the electorate anywhere. They cannot be voted ‘in’; they cannot be voted ‘out.’

Michael A...

Unionized public employees is a great sin. That’s the truth Brothers and Sisters.


My comment below I was speaking about the parents fight against the covid 19 vaccine ! I used emoji for that and is not showing on my comment sorry for confusion


I witnessed a public meeting as a grandparent at a high school in California where the School board with the use of a random attorney clearly stating the refusal of the parents of all their children the right to use any religious exemption against this experimental non approved which is clearly against their civil rights of discrimination of their religious exemptions and against the Nuremberg code ! It was borderline abusive what was going on many people poured their hearts out crying and some shared their ill children as examples of awful side effects one teen sharing his suicidal thoughts due to school closings effect on their psychological abuse at their hands and the board members in the last hour were literally openly arguing with each other many video taped it ! Teachers stated will be quitting do to their force of to keep their positions the teachers were literally begging this criminal action to be stopped it was unreal ! Crimes against humanity are overboard

William Hicks

Since when is the NEA experts in medicine?


The NEA seems to have many other priorities than “education.”

William Hicks

Yes Tommy

The NEA is only interested in union teachers, not education. A union rep I overheard once said “I will be concerned for students when they’re paying union dues.”