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    Why is this happening?

     By Michael Greer

    Even those uninterested in politics have experienced, over recent years, a growing unease about our changing culture, traditions, history, and public opinion. Changes they may not like but feel helpless to resist.

    For example, during Bill Clinton’s administration Congress passed a non-partisan bill, DOMA, that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. Thirty two states had voted against same sex marriage (Liberal California TWICE). But, shortly after Obama became President, his Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced he would not enforce DOMA. An Attorney General as no authority to decide which laws to enforce but neither the media nor our representatives had any criticism. Not long after that the Supreme Court ruled that it was a violation of civil rights to deny gays the right to marry. And over night you became a bigot and could lose your job if you supported traditional marriage (ask the CEO of Mozilla). Although there had been a covert war on religion for decades, banning prayer in schools, separation of church and state, banning the Ten Commandments and Nativity Scenes from Public buildings and lands, etc. this ruling began the open war on Christianity.

    Our country, founded by people fleeing religious persecution, was now persecuting people for their religious beliefs. This is how quickly and profoundly our culture is being changed. Our
    government was instituted by man to protect our rights. Local governments were organized to provide us with what we needed: Roads, power lines, water, police, fire departments, schools, etc. But, at some point, we began to realize our governments, local, state and federal, were no longer supplying what we needed but began telling us what we could have. It’s taken some of
    us longer than others to come to this realization, but even those still in the dark feel something is wrong. We aren’t being listened to. And it is becoming more and more apparent we are being lied to. But this isn’t confined to America. It’s been happening around the world. Why? How is it that people around the world, in countries large and small, are feeling their representatives, their leaders, aren’t listening to them?

    Because they’re not. Although a faction of world leaders have been dreaming of, working toward, a New World Order for decades, if not centuries, it was the signing of Agenda 21 in 1992 by 193 countries that put it in action world wide. Agenda 21 would result in the end of nation states. We weren’t asked if we wanted this. In 1993 the EU was formed, which, for all intents and purposes, ended the sovereignty of the European Nations. At the same time, the North American Union was being pushed but thankfully we resisted it. If we had formed the North American Union, like the EU, we would have been unable to stop migration. English citizens learned too late how much an unending flood of Middle Eastern migrants would harm their culture, traditions, rights and safety. Once the British citizens understood they rose up and voted to leave the EU. Although they voted for BREXIT in 2016, the exit date has come and
    gone and they are still in the EU. Their leaders are working against the will of their people. They don’t want to leave the EU. Now the British people are taking to the streets every weekend
    wearing yellow vests to protest the high cost of energy, the never ending migrant invasion, the loss of their rights, and their representatives working against them. This is all due to Agenda 21
    and the new and improved UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that is Agenda 21 on steroids.

    I learned about Agenda 21 in 2009. And when I learned about it no one I knew had ever heard of it although it had already been in effect for 17 years. Why do you think that is? World leaders
    knew we would fight against it so they called it different things, like Sustainable Development, Green Cities, Smart Growth, etc. It is implemented locally through ICLEI (International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives). ICLEI is an International organization. Cities who join ICLEI get paid large sums of money to implement ICLEI’s Agenda. It’s actually illegal for American Cities to enter into international agreements but no one seems to be objecting or challenging it. When I was in Malaysia at the UN World Urban Forum, the New head of ICLEI, a Malaysian, Muslim woman was introduced.

    If you wondered, as I did before I learned about Agenda 21, how it was possible for cities across the country…..and around the world to be doing the same things, saying the same things and not caring what their communities wanted, it was because they signed on to Agenda 21.

    How was it possible that all of a sudden huge numbers of people from 3rd world countries were migrating to Western Countries around the world. Why did our leaders tell us we must accommodate the migrants culture, not that the migrants needed to assimilate to our culture. Our cultures are being turned into 3rd world. We’re being told our flag, our anthem, and the pledge of Allegiance is offensive to migrants. Our schools no longer continue those traditions, nor do they teach civics or the Constitution. Our history is being erased, statues taken down, founders demonized. You might remember Michelle Obama saying we needed to change our conversation, our history and traditions. That’s what is happening, isn’t it? We can’t even acknowledge biology anymore. Why is all of this happening? Agenda 21.

    The first goal of the new UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is “End Poverty”. How do you suppose they do that? It’s obvious. Redistribute the wealth of the Western Countries to the poor ones. The Paris Agreement would have obligated Western Nations to pay for the damage Climate Change causes to poor counties. Never mind climate has damaged countries for thousands of years before man or cars or plastic straws. The other way to redistribute wealth is to flood Western Countries with poor migrants they’ll go bankrupt supporting. Open borders, world wide migration, enabling homelessness, spreading diseases, eroding law enforcement, normalizing perversion & mental illness, eroding the family, eroding property rights, demonizing Christianity, skyrocketing energy prices (remember Obama saying that would happen with his energy policies), rationing abundant resources, abortion up to and including birth, infanticide, assisted suicide, legalizing drugs, the Green New Deal that bans air travel and cows…..all of it! It’s all Agenda 21.

    What I fear is that in the 17 years before most of us even knew it existed, Agenda 21’s tentacles have reached so deeply into our cities, and our institutions have been so completely taken over by Liberals, that it can’t be reversed as I hoped it could be.

    Michael Greer

    Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:

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