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By Armando Vazquez

Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective

Image from Todo Poder al Pueblo Collective

All of us in Oxnard, pills throughout this nation believe that this country, ed the United States of America, is a nation of laws. The problem is what set of laws are we talking about? The laws for the white folks? The laws for the rich folks? Or the laws for the rest of us? Exactly which set of laws are we talking about?

Freddie Grey, the 25 year old black man, was killed by the Baltimore police for making eye contact with the cops; that was his only crime.  That mindset of the nation’s cops that automatically prompt them to exact justice on us for simply being Black or Brown has been around the barrios and the ghettos of this country forever.

Something inhumane happens to a cop when she/he patrols the barrios or the ghettos of this nation. Why is this so? We, the American public, have create this militarized monster.

For decades the American policing narrative has been to blindly concede the high ground to the cops. The American public gave the cops a free and unfettered pass, as long as the polices’ brutal often lawless macho war games were conducted in the barrios and ghettos of this nation. So the barrios and ghettos got the tanks, the armored vehicles, the no knock laws, the three strikes, the zero tolerance, the mandatory and enhanced sentences, the elimination of the Miranda rights; we are the new beneficiaries of the prison industrial.

We in American have become a psycho-hybrid of cowardice and alpha bully, our fear and hate drives us to do inhumane acts and atrocities that we level on our own besieged citizens of color and export it throughout the world. We talk peace and justice and then execute precision drone massacres throughout the world. We have become a nation of hypocrites!

Meagan Hockaday

Meagan Hockaday

For the past four or five decades this police monster has been given free and unrestricted license to wreck havoc and death here in Oxnard and throughout the nation. Meagan Hockaday, the 23 year old black woman from Oxnard, was perhaps inebriated, in full psychological meltdown, allegedly with knife in hand when she allegedly attacked the OPD cop and was shot and killed. We will never know her side of the deadly encounter. Sometimes, and far too frequently, when we in the hood make stupid decisions that costs us our lives. Sometimes we are just the innocent victims of police murder.

We must take a hard look at what we have become as a nation; and at this very historic moment decide where we want to go with this current and abiding pathological myth that we are a nation of one set of laws for all of us. We are not and in our gut we know it. So where do we go America?

We must my brothers and sisters go to love, non violence and reconciliation; that will lead us to justice and peace. There is no other path if we are to save this nation. How can we live with ourselves if we continue down the same apartheid “American style” where less that 1% of the mega-rich rigs and control the entire game, where the upper and middle class are in fear of losing everything that they have worked so hard to acquire.  The rest of us smolder in our despair. Justice for all or peace for no one, no matter your riches.

Love demands that we put down the fear, the hate, and weapons, and open our hearts, souls and minds to the simple demands of peace. We are in this mess together, all of us. Together, only together can we transform and  extend a caring hand to help uplift our brothers and sisters, and slowing begin the massive redemptive job of transforming this town and this nation into a just, equitable and peaceful world.

 We have nothing to fear and our humanity to regain, love will illuminate our path.


Read response from Oxnard Police Chief Jeri Williams


Armando Vazquez

Armando Vazquez


Armando Vazquez is a retired CEO, Executive Director, Business-Owner, teacher, community builder, group leader with demonstrated work history designing and implementing a variety of business, management, educational and vocational community support programs. Successful organizer of activities designed to promote and advance individual and community. Well-disciplined consensus builder.

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