Why Weren’t Liberals Furious About These Photos of Illegal Immigrant Detentions Under Obama?

Photo of Benny JohnsonBy BENNY JOHNSON, Reporter At Large

Much of the media coverage over the last few weeks has focused on the policy of separating illegal immigrant children from their parents on the US border.

The Trump administration has come under fire for enforcing the policy, which calls for criminal prosecution of would-be immigrants who cross the border illegally, therefore separating them from their children.

The outrage has struck some reporters as peculiar, particularly since there was abject silence and a lack of outrage when the Obama administration treated illegal immigrants in a similar fashion.

Barack Obama deported more people than any president in history and reached a record number — 97,000 — of criminal prosecutions in 2013 for illegal border crossings. Breitbart Texas reporter Brandon Darby toured detention facilities under the Obama administration.

“’Cages’ — The chainlink partitions in the holding facilities at border are the exact same ones we showed you during the Obama Admin. Why didn’t you care then?” Darby tweeted this weekend as the outrage raged over Trump’s use of detention facilities. Darby followed up with a series of photos of the facilities that he published in 2014:



















































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One Response to Why Weren’t Liberals Furious About These Photos of Illegal Immigrant Detentions Under Obama?

  1. William Hicks June 20, 2018 at 6:00 am

    ANSWER……Because it is the only thing that seems to be an issue that can negatively affect republicans in the 2018 election. Once the election is over, this issue will no longer be of interest to democrats.

    A better question would be……..”What is the democrat solution for this?”


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