WikiLeaks revelations appear to prove media collusion with Clinton campaign

Editorial.2By George Miller


WikiLeaks has taken America by storm with its blizzard of tens of thousands of damning emails, cables, etc. contained in increasing frequent “document dumps” at strategically-timed intervals. While Trump is definitely no choir boy, the releases target Hillary Clinton and her allies, including the news media. WikiLeaks head fugitive Julian Assange claims he has no political preference, but he really seems to be going after Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration like an avenging angel.







In fact, there is so much that the public and media cannot fully assimilate, digest and report on it anywhere as near as fast as it is being released. Historians and psychologists will be writing and lecturing about this for centuries. It has permanently and profoundly changed the information technology, news media and political worlds.







Here’s just one example, in video form, which shows the biased and possibly illegal actions of Donna Brazile, former Clinton Administration staffer and now DNC Chairman, since Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign, after damning leaks from- you guessed it- WikiLeaks. Apparently, at least one Debate question was leaked to the Clinton campaign in advance. 


Ben Swann on media collusion with Clinton campaign

Who knows what else is waiting to be mined from what was already “dumped” by WikiLeaks and what is still to come? This will have an impact far beyond the election, whether to create grief for Hillary Clinton and allies if she is elected, or as fuel for an investigation if she isn’t.

So far, Clinton and allies haven’t been able to effectively refute these revelations, either saying nothing, changing the subject, or opting instead to claim that the Russians did it.

Big media initially tried to ignore it. But as it leaked out via alternative media and ordinary people spreading it around, they have been forced to begin to deal with it, mostly by attempting to minimize it. This strategy can be nothing but a holding action and will ultimately even further erode their already badly tattered credibility.



George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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