Will Continuing Covid Mandates Bring Martial Law?


By Naomi Fisher

Is there a chance our U.S. is being set up?

The public argument against Covid vaccine is not against the vaccine itself but against the Vaccine Mandate. 

Those who were vaccinated are being manipulated to resent the unvaccinated. What they are told to believe is foreign to what has happened in the past: Just as history has proven, the “wonder drug” Penicillin, it’s counterparts Sulpha and Mycin antibiotics all have their drawbacks – many people are allergic or suffer side effects from one or two of those life-saving drugs

The vaccinated have been taught to believe the unvaccinated “are spreading Covid throughout the world”. They do not care the unvaccinated are afraid of the vaccines and publicly state they would rather face death from Covid than death or debilitating side effects from the vaccines. And those that already have had and survived Covid have total immunity, an immunity stronger than the vaccines – another truth ignored or disbelieved.

Those above facts are dividing our Nation – weakening its unity.

Unfortunately, now history is repeating itself: Many people are having side effects from the Covid vaccines. Thus validating the unvaccinated’s fear.

Every scientist knows about those side effects, most doctors, nurses and caregivers know about them, probably have tried to treat the serious vaccine-caused suffering, that includes many babies through college age.

Our columnist Dan Reynolds said he believes that so many of the young are being affected by vaccine side effects is because from babies up to college those youthful bodies are in various stages of development. No one knows how their bodies or brains will be affected by the vaccine’s serum.

Those refusing vaccines are standing firm against an Illegal Government Vaccine Mandate that is for the most part being propagated by Big Pharma. Illegal? Yes. Experimenting on unwilling humans was outlawed after Hitler’s reign of torture.

See the Nuremberg Code: 

http://www.cirp.org/library/ethics/nuremberg/ ;

With the first Covid breakout Countries throughout the world enforced a lockdown, enforced wearing masks, some enforced vaccine mandates. Then the first crisis waned.

Next came a wave of the Delta variant. What happened? Another attempt at lockdowns and masks. Massive protests have begun in Australia, England, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

With the inevitable wrongdoers causing riots some Governments have issued Martial Law.

Worse: Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA which makes the Covid vaccine work has publicly explained in taped interviews that were released as videos – I paraphrase what Dr. Malone said in an earlier video: In every vaccine there will be some virus that will escape the serum. In order to survive that virus will mutate so the serum will not kill it. Viola. A new variant. As people keep getting vaccinated new variants will be created. Unbelievably youtube.com deleted that video! It is no long available anywhere.

In other videos Dr. Robert Malone openly states that the vaccine was never meant for everyone; was never meant to be used as a mandate, but only as an authorized emergency trial bases. He has stated he believes the best “herd immunity” is to vaccinate only the most vulnerable, i.e., the elderly and those with co-morbidity, and let the public get the virus to build up the strongest resistance: Natural Immunity.

Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine inventor…on ‘Tucker’ after YouTube deletes video …discussing risks, 6-23-21

https://www.foxnews.com/media/tucker-carlson-mrna-vaccine-inventor tor-of-the-mrna-vaccines/

Also: Dr. Malone on booster shots and other subjects. Very in-depth.


As you begin to see what a farce the Covid Vaccination Mandate is you will understand how our acting, invalid President is trying to control us by inducing near panic, by turning panicked vaccinated into hating the non-vaccinated. There are many of the Doctor’s videos if you search: Dr. Malone videos. I suggest you look at and listen to at least two. This is a vaccine inventor. He is explaining what the pubic should be hearing and never will from mainstream media or Dr. Fauci.

Check out the Children’s Health Defense free newsletter The Defender by Robert Kennedy Jr., a passionate advocate for children. Also, read other Citizens Journal’s articles on Covid Vaccine information. Those have more links to imminently qualified experts on this subject.

That information is important because our U.S. residents are tired of the restraints, are now refusing to wear masks, insisting on eating indoors. Many of our citizens are worried about what will occur with continued State or Federal Government Vaccine Mandates ordering continual lockdowns, mask wearing and vaccinations because now it has become known the current version of that serum will wear off in a little over six months, causing the need for boosters; causing new variants. 

Our acting President and those behind him orchestrating his dictums will order more Vaccine Mandates that will precede another lockdown. They know our freedom loving Americans will protest; are counting on it. That means, that just as is happening in other Nations across the world our Government will institute Martial Law.

Martial Law: Continual arrests with jail time for any of those who dare to protest. Continual loss of small businesses, home isolation constituting restrictions on going to doctors, pharmacies, grocery stores, department stores, even zero allowances for having family and friends visit. 

As all of you know, there are always those with a sadistic side who get drunk on a little power. Here are chilling examples of Australian Martial Law gone wrong. There are so many more if you wish to look for them: Video Link:

Melbourne police officer grabs young woman by the throat for not wearing a mask.


No mask…having a cigarette…a few hundred meters from his home…Article Link: https://ussanews.com/News1/2021/09/27/watch-australian-police-arrest-man-for-eating-lunch-outside-without-a-mask/

A very worrisome fact here in the U.S. is growing evidence that masking is effecting our children such as:

Children’s social skills being stunted from lack of peer contact. 

Children’s education diminishing for those not benefitting from internet schools.

This is critical: Babies’ intelligence stunted by masks causing lack of visual signals from parents and others – thus not learning visual signs of approval, disapproval or even joy and happiness! At the earliest ages visual information is critical because they are unable to speak, to question.

Please do not doubt for a minute that we have an illegal dictator in the White House. We cannot afford to let him and those behind his power divide us as to opinions on race or income or vaccinations! Dr. Malone has stated he used Ivermectin so yes, there are other drugs as promising as the vaccines with which to treat Covid, Delta and their mutations. Only time will tell how effective vaccines or those other drugs will be against them.

I am convinced these would-be dictators wish to destroy our freedom, our belief in the dreams of our forefathers and destroy our United States by executing Martial Law, bringing about the authority-enforced violence now happening in Australia.

I fear the knowledge we have gained – that the virus will keep mutating from Vaccines and Vaccine Mandates – will be ignored by our Government.

I believe the whole world is under attack from chemical warfare, Big Pharma and would-be Dictators!

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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Sheryl Hamlin

Read between the lines…

That prompted a series of celebratory tweets from San Francisco Mayor London Breed: “On October 15, SF will begin easing mask requirements in indoor settings where stable cohorts of fully vaccinated people gather. This includes offices, gyms, college classes, and other organized gatherings of fully vaccinated people who meet regularly.”


Mike Smith

So what?

Read between these lines, Sheryl Hamlin:

“Melbourne police officer grabs young woman by the throat for not wearing a mask.


No mask…having a cigarette…a few hundred meters from his home…Article Link: https://ussanews.com/News1/2021/09/27/watch-australian-police-arrest-man-for-eating-lunch-outside-without-a-mask/

If you think events like these could never describe San Francisco, I’ve got some beachfront property in New Mexico to sell you.


Are we so very delicate that our long list of grievances now extends to scary things happening in another country’s city approx 8,000 miles away from us?

Probably the right thing to do, but why limit it to Melbourne, Australia? How about things going down in Mbabane, Eswatini and Malabo, Equatorial Guinea that scare us? Those should probably all be added to our list of grievances too.

Let’s go ahead and do it. It’ll help us spin all the very delicate readers of The Opinion into even bigger hissy fits. That’ll certainly be good for our virtue-signalling.