Will the FCC muzzle the press?





7384malaBy Dick Morris

Published on TheHill.com on February 18, 2014

The Federal Communications Commission is about to launch a direct assault on the freedom of the media to cover news as it chooses. The program, called the Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs, involves requesting information from all radio and TV stations, as well as newspapers, about how they cover news, who decides what gets covered, and what criteria they use in the decision. The FCC will also conduct a “content analysis” of one week’s coverage to decide whether each of eight “critical” categories of news is being given adequate attention.

While the results of the study will not impose mandatory changes on the media’s news decisions, the “recommendations” from the FCC will carry the weight of law because all radio and television stations must come up for license renewal every eight years. Newspapers, which are clearly outside the jurisdiction of the FCC, are under no such constraint, but will be evaluated anyway.

The study is in response to another study, conducted by the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California, which found that minorities were not being adequately served by media news and that critical areas were being under covered.

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One Response to Will the FCC muzzle the press?

  1. Citizen Reporter February 19, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    This seems like a huge breach of the First Amendment, unprecedented in peacetime. It is hoped that Citizens and media alike of all political persuasions will work together to NULLIFY, ignore, and flatly refuse to comply this outrageous attempt at intimidation. I know we will, not that the FCC will get around to noticing us anytime soon. Not so easy for FCC-licensed stations. They will need our support.

    I wonder if Mr. Annenberg would turn over in his grave over what is being done in his name.


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