Wishing You the Merriest of Christmases (Holidays) and the Finest New Year

From all of us at Citizens Journal, and especially after what became a most contentious election season, we want to wish you the most wonderful Christmas (Holidays) and the very best New Year. George Miller and I would like to also take a moment to thank those who have given their time and their talent so willingly and helped us provide absolutely solid content for what is truly a Citizens Journal.


National Capital at Christmas: Photo by Dana Rene

Sheryl Hamlin – News, Lifestyle, events

Raven West – Columns, Lifestyle

Marc Langsam – Photo Journalist

Phil Erwin – Columnist 

Michael Greer – Op-ed, Columns

Larry Nash – News

Thomas Knapp – Columnist

Raynard Jackson – Columnist

Armando Vazquez – Op-ed, Columns

Dan Pinedo – Photo Journalist

William Hicks – Photos/news

Nina Danza – Features

Katie Cocoquyt- Columns, Lifestyle

Dana Rene – Photo Journalist

Lawrence P. Stein – Columns

Tony Dolz- Columns Op-ed

Jim Sullivan- Columns Op-ed

Steve Nash- Columns, News

Peter Godinez- News, Feature videos 

William J. Olson- Columns

David Pu’u- Photos- Columns, Features

Namoi Fisher – Op-ed, Features

Phil Molina – News and Op-ed

L Neil Smith – Columnist 

And those who have contributed to our content in the past:

Logan McFadden – News – events – features

Gregory J. Welborn – Op-ed

Herbert W. Titus – Columns

Abigail Welborn – Op-ed

Leo G. Alvarez – Columns

Sigrid Weidenweber – Columns

Bob Allen, Videos

Steve Bowers – Cartoonist

Lori McVicker – Op-ed

Tom Miller – Columns

Donna Hendricks – Photo Journalist

Bill Haff – Op-ed

Brynne Betz – Columns

And we especially wish to thank:

Our Co-Founder Michael Hernandez, CFO Noel Young and our founding technical adviser and columnist David Stewart

After this year, most of all, we’ll close as we opened this love letter with the stunning picture of our nation’s capital by photographer, Dana Rene


Born in 1974 Dana Rene has  been a photojournalist  for 18 years. 13 years in newspapers, and is currently working as a freelance photographer in Washington DC where she has been located for the past five years. 

Born in Southern California, Dana became interested in photojournalism through the love her father Bill Hicks had for photography, when he gave her that first camera at ten years old.  Dana holds a BA in Photojournalism with a minor in Political Science from California University Northridge in 1996.

She began her career interning and working part time for several small papers and landed her first job at the Los Angeles Times in 1997, and also worked at the Ventura County Star from 2000- 2008.

Dana has traveled through out the United States and in Central America, focusing on women’s issues and domestic abuse.   A professional with varied teaching and lecturing experience, she has presented her work in several art galleries, photography lectures at USC, and at Women in Photojournalism, in Los Angeles. 

Dana has lectured at various professional gatherings such as the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting in Washington DC, and was a keynote speaker at Robert Hanashiro’s Sports Shooter workshop  sportsshooter.com.  She is best known for work she did during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and most recently for covering areas of El Salvador where families are still deeply affected by the Civil War that ended 22 years ago.

After seeing her photos we’re sure that you will want to visit Ms. Rene’s website: http://danarenephotography.photoshelter.com/gallery-list

Dana has been working for The Catholic University of American since October 2015.

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