Woman slips on fire road is injured — Airship flies her to safety

salve arial, story sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>A 39 year old woman was hiking with her boyfriend on Sunday afternoon on a fire road high above Arroyo Verde Park when she slipped on a loose portion of a fire road and dislocated and fractured her left ankle. They fortunately had cell service at their location on the trail and were able to contact the Ventura County Fire Communications center and report the emergency.

erectile arial,sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>Ventura City Fire Crews and AMR Ambulance arrived in the park, gathered equipment, and hiked up to the location of the fall victim. Ventura City Fire Paramedics started advanced life support and provided intravenous therapy, splinting, and pain medication administration and directed additional rescue crews to come to their location to help transport the victim off the hillside into a place to be transported.

Additional fire crews from the truck company gathered rescue equipment and borrowed a pickup truck from the parks department and attempted to make access via a fire road off of Foothill to get to the patient. The fire road proved to be not passable with the equipment available.

The Ventura County Sheriff/Fire Airsquad was summoned and was directed in by Fire Crews on the ground. The airship landed in a portion of the hillside that burned out in a brush fire a week earlier. Fire personnel and the airship crew carried the patient on a backboard from the location of the original injury to the landing spot of the helicopter, and loaded the patient. The patient was transported to a Ventura County Trauma Center in stable condition.




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