Work with a former New York Executive Editor and fine-tune your novel or memoir

Start polishing your novel or memoir in 1 of 3 Writing Workshops for Fiction and Memoir Writers. Choose your city and dates. Join now.


Master the Essential Skills Needed To Write Book-Length Fiction
PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE: Master the essential writing skills that today’s publishers and readers demandWorkshops begin in December, depending on the city.

Today’s fiction techniques cross over to memoir (narrative nonfiction) in the current marketplace. These workshops expand your knowledge of what is required of 21st Century novels and memoirs, showing how to “wow” editors and agents with your manuscript and get yourself a publisher’s contract.
For Fiction writers, learn:

  • The most Important skill: Voice
  • How the author is silent in 21st Century Fiction
  • Development of characters through deep Point of View
  • The all-important Show vs. Tell
  • To write in Scenes vs. Narration
  • The importance of charged dialogue
  • The importance of subtext in dialogue
  • The importance of Interior Monologue
  • How to create an intriguing agenda in your story
  • How to evoke rather than describe
  • How actions speak louder than adverbs
  • The Importance of reading like a writer
  • The importance of mastering the skill of Self-Editing
  • The importance of mastering: structure, setting, pace, narrative drive, beats, tension, conflict, genre, and writing style for 21st Century conventions
  • And much more—to create a marketable novel for today’s readers

For Memoir writers, learn:

  • The importance of mastering fiction techniques to ENLIVEN YOUR LIFE STORY
  • How to DEVELOP CHARACTERS even though you know/knew them so well in real life.
  • How to move the scenes in memory into the writing on the page
  • How to show fully-developed, three-dimensional characters
  • How to use the “patchwork quilt” method for fast-paced drama in memoir
  • How to show and not only tell.
  • How to write charged dialogue in any genre
  • How to write in scenes
  • The difference between conversation & dialogue
  • How to use more than the five senses
  • How to create a memoir with narrative drive
  • The importance of mastering the skill of Self-Editing
  • If your memoir has a marketable theme
  • Why we never say: “BUT IT REALLY HAPPENED THAT WAY!
Discover the special techniques for creating extraordinary stories, in both fiction and nonfiction, to help you achieve your goal to produce a manuscript with irresistible writing that editors in publishing houses want to acquire for the three-season lists they must fill with high-concept, marketable books.

Literary agent Toni Lopopolo will help you craft your manuscript into a marketable book: with no soft spots, no reader-feeder, no point-of-view violations. You’ll learn to write end-of-chapter page-turners, plus you’ll become  a better caretaker of each sentence you write. Toni knows what it takes to get a book published. Her highly successful workshops bring area writers up to competitive speed with important tips and techniques in both fiction and narrative nonfiction (memoir).

Toni’s methods help you master the skills you’ll need to become a successful published author in today’s competitive market. Fiction and today’s narrative nonfiction, which includes memoir, must grab busy publishing editors’ attention, keep them riveted so that they’ll read the entire manuscript and not stop because the story falters.

Toni Lopopolo

Testimonials from past students of Toni Lopopolo…

I’ve learned more about the craft of fiction writing from Toni than I did in over ten years at the UCLA writer’s Program.

——James Traynor, San Diego, CA


I’ve worked with Toni in a small group workshop a long time.  At last, my first novel’s ready for submission to publishers.  Toni Lopopolo coached me, pushed me, challenged me, and now I have my first completed work of fiction.  Without Toni I’d still be writing silly pap that no one would want to read, even me.  If you’re serious about your writing, and have committed to the life of a writer, you’d be missing out if you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to work with this veteran of the publishing field, to begin, to revise, or to rewrite your first draft. 
 ——Sharon Schlesinger, Thousand Oaks, CA

Each workshop limited to six writers who must submit the first five pages of their first chapter before acceptance.

Four consecutive sessions per workshop, $265
All three workshops are ongoing.

Note: Once a writer’s place is reserved, the workshop fee is nonrefundable. Missed workshops or single session may be made up within 30 days of original date.

For more information, contact Toni Lopopolo
Call (215) 353-1151
or email her at [email protected]
Learn more about Toni Lopopolo at:
Toni Lopopolo Literary Management

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