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    World “Holds Its Breath” Waiting On Joe Biden? Hardly, Fox News

    By —Canadian Free Press

    The whole world’s going nuts—and top American Cable News outlet Fox News right along with it.

    ‘WORLD HOLDS ITS BREATH’: “Biden to address Americans for the first time since end of Afghan war 20 years after 9/11 terror attacks’, was the Fox News headline this afternoon, as the world was still reeling in utter shock about what went down in Afghanistan.

    Note the reminder of “20 years after 9/11 terror attacks’’, followed further down by ‘Biden to address nation on Afghanistan, ‘make clear’ his foreign policy will ‘keep the American people safe’. (Fox News, Aug. 31, 2021)

    In spite of Fox News’ headline, the World wasn’t “holding its breath waiting for Biden’s Fox News-touted address

    Biden’s badly botched withdrawal from Afghanistan did nothing to keep Americans and allies safe in Kabul, which in reality, became a renewed blood-soaked killing field, and given how his administration left billions of American weaponry behind in the hands of the bloodthirsty Taliban, will accomplish diddly-squat to “keep the American people safe”.

    In spite of Fox News’ headline, the World wasn’t “holding its breath waiting for Biden’s Fox News-touted address this afternoon—but much of it left in deep mourning over how Biden broke all promises to rescue those hopelessly trapped in Afghanistan now that America left the bloodthirsty Taliban in charge.

    In a story, further down copy on Fox’s front page, folk could read abut how President Biden repeatedly misled the American public—and the world—about his shocking withdrawal from Afghanistan that was to lead to one of the most heartbreaking and spirit-breaking human tragedies of all time.

    “President Biden repeatedly misled the American public about the withdrawal from Afghanistan, a Fox News review of his public statements reveals. (Fox News, Aug. 31, 2021)

    “Biden’s assurances about how the withdrawal would be conducted, whether the Taliban would seize control of Afghanistan after the U.S. pulled back and whether any Americans would be left behind were all proven wrong.

    “In March, Biden vowed that the Afghanistan withdrawal would be done “in a safe and orderly way.” But the withdrawal was neither safe nor orderly.”

    You can say that again, Fox News, and should be shouting it, like some of the the rest of us, from the rooftops,

    “Americans and Afghan allies alike were left scrambling to enter the Kabul airport for evacuation, navigating Taliban checkpoints and enduring beatings from Taliban fighters. (Fox News)

    “An ISIS-K suicide bombing outside the airport killed 13 American service members and dozens of Afghans.

    “In July, Biden said that it would be “highly unlikely” for the Taliban to take over the country after the U.S. pulled out.

    Biden promised that his administration would get every American who wanted to leave Afghanistan out of the country

    “So the question now is, where do they go from here?” Biden said at a press conference last month. “The jury is still out, but the likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.”

    “The Taliban swiftly overtook Afghanistan after the U.S. announced our withdrawal. Kabul fell to the Taliban in the middle of August, while evacuation efforts were still ongoing.

    “Most recently, Biden promised that his administration would get every American who wanted to leave Afghanistan out of the country.

    “That’s what we’re doing now, that’s the path we’re on. And I think we’ll get there,” Biden said in an Aug. 16 ABC News interview. “If there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out.”

    “But that didn’t happen.

    “We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out,” Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. admitted on Monday.

    “Hundreds of Americans and Afghan allies remained in Afghanistan after the final troops left the country, with reports indicating that the Taliban carried out “house-to-house executions” after the troops departed.”

    The final U.S. troop boarded a plane out of Kabul on Monday, the day before the pullout deadline, and became the defining moment photo going viral over the ‘Net.

    “Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. announced Monday evening that the last of the U.S. troops stationed at the Kabul airport had left, completing the military’s drawdown in the country, even though hundreds of Americans likely remain.”  (Fox News)

    “Even though hundreds of Americans likely remain?”

    This afternoon’s Fox News Headline included a story with assertions by White House press secretary Jen Psaki who previewed the president’s remarks”, saying he will “express his thanks to the commanders and service members who executed a dangerous mission in Kabul and airlifted more than 124,000 people to safety.”

    “Psaki said the president is also expected to “offer thanks to the veterans volunteers who supported this effort.” (Fox News)

    But too late to express gratitude to the grief-stricken families of the 13 American soldiers whose remains were returned to their loved ones at Dover Airport on Sunday, when Biden’s impatience was on full display as he repeatedly glanced at his wristwatch.

    “U.S. troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan Monday afternoon, in line with Biden’s deadline of Aug. 31, following a two-week mission to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies from the country after the government collapsed and the Taliban took over.  (Fox News)

    “At this point, however, more than 100 Americans remain in Afghanistan. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the Biden Administration will continue its effort to evacuate those Americans remaining in the country, saying the mission has now “shifted from a military mission to a diplomatic mission.”

    When has a “diplomatic mission” ever worked with world terrorists?


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    George Pattone
    George Pattone
    1 year ago

    XIDEN is an abject FAILURE and for sale to the CCP…
    They THANK YOU for the advancement of their “Build Back Better” rare earth battery business from Afghanistan and they’ll be happy to sell you all your electric car batteries for the next few years, if not decades…

    Last edited 1 year ago by George Pattone

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