Wounded Vet Has a Bone to Pick with Restaurant

A vision-impaired veteran claims he was wronged by a California restaurant after it refused to let his dog join him for dinner. Readen Clavier, an Iraq War veteran who suffered head injuries when his vehicle was hit by an IUD in Balad, told KTVU that he was denied a meal at Inchin’s Bamboo in San Mateo…

One Response to Wounded Vet Has a Bone to Pick with Restaurant

  1. William Hicks September 12, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    The unfortunate thing is that too many people are claiming the need for a “comfort animal” as equal to a “service animal.”

    My guess is that this will likely fall into the category in court as an Americans With Disability Act issue. Unfortunately for the truly disabled, this act was so poorly written that just about anything can be considered as an infringement of the rights of a disabled person, real or perceived.


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