Yee suspended from CA Senate- part of a much bigger problem?

EditorialBy George Miller

Foremost CA gun control advocate elected official charged with illegal firearms trafficking, corruption, bribery. Stunning. Often, lately, truth is stranger than fiction.

It's "Shrimp Boy's" fault

It’s “Shrimp Boy’s” fault

Recently, we reported the fall of Chinese-born Senator Leland Yee, who was, by the way, the leading advocate for “gun control” in the California legislature, pushing bans of “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” and more as well as an amazing number of restrictions on human freedoms, The media had wildly different coverage approaches. Republican and Conservative publications headlined it as evidence that the left is corrupt and hypocritical (even though politicians of all stripes have been found transgressing).  The Progressive local “Star” newspaper relegated it to page three yesterday, but came back today with a front page story stressing the “sting” operation, Chinese mob connection and ever so subtly implying that Yee was a mere dupe of Chinatown mob leader Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow.  Or maybe I’m just inferring that.


CA Senator Leland Yee

Conservative satire publications had a field day with that approach: All California Democrats Pretty Much In The Chinese Mob, We Guess

Senators Ronald Calderon and Rob Wright were busted earlier, before Yee, effectively costing the CA Senate Democrats their 2/3 supermajority, which had let them do almost anything they wanted to. All three were formally suspended today. Amazingly, 11 Senators didn’t vote and one voted to keep them.

So, what does all this mean?  Just my humble opinion:

– There is no effective vetting system for officials.  While there is no official vetting process, it is conventional wisdom that the news media and opponents are supposed to do that. Evidently, media don’t do that much, maybe because it costs more than it benefits. Do media outlets really want to incur the wrath of increasingly powerful government officials who can make or break them, or at least make their lives easier or more difficult?  Do some media outlets have ideological objectives which they actively pursue?

Yee FirearmsRecent events such as this should have everyone wondering about the vetting process for electoral politics. The news media is supposedly doing this, but they obviously aren’t.  I’m really pleasantly surprised that the FBI is pursuing official crime and by the party in power to boot. Optimists say it is evidence of the incorruptibility of the FBI. Cynics are saying that Yee and others had somehow crossed the establishment and were being punished. Others say that these arrests are token steps to give the impression that we still have a system of law.

– One marvels at how rapidly Senate President Pro-Tem Darrel Steinberg viciously turned on Yee when he was down, quickly calling for his resignation based just on an arrest and initial charges. How quickly he came to a conclusion and made his decision. Did he know about this in advance?

– One also marvels about how impervious voters seem to be to evidence of corruption and unproductive policies on the part of officials.  There are convicted felons elected and “serving” in some U.S. jurisdictions. Some officials are elected by greater majorities than support policies they voted for, such as Obamacare and gun control per polls in those officials’ jurisdictions.

–  Finally, some officials are so greedy and stoo-pid to get enmeshed in such corruption.


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CA Senator Leland Yee indicted on corruption, bribery, firearms trafficking charges stemming from FBI investigation

The 137-page federal affidavit 



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One Response to Yee suspended from CA Senate- part of a much bigger problem?

  1. Michael Butler April 3, 2014 at 12:01 am

    It’s pretty clear to me that Mr. Yee went way ‘off script’ in an unexpected manner and subsequently came under the scrutiny of the ‘authorities’. When AG Eric Holder can run guns to Mexico via Operation Fast & Furious with impunity, the hypocrisy of the “Just Us” club is on full display. Apparently Senator Yee forgot to pay his club dues…


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