YES on Prop 6 Rally Exposes Government Deception

by Raven West


Under a bright and sunny Camarillo sky, Carl DeMaio Chairman of Reform California addressed a fired up crowd of over 125 voters who woke up early on a Saturday morning to support YES on Prop 6 – Repeal the Gas Tax.

Proposition 6 would not only repeal the gas tax and increase car registration fees, but would also prevent state legislature from implementing gax tax and vehicle registrations fee increases without voter consent, as in when the state legislature passed SB1 last April, which was signed into law without any vote by the public.

If it passes, Prop 6 would:

Amend the Constitution so that “the Legislature shall not impose, increase or extend any tax,…, unless and until that proposed tax is submitted to the electorate and approved by a majority vote.

In addition, the increase in car registration and gas tax imposed after January 1, 2017 would cease to be imposed and the tax rate would roll back to the amount it was prior to SB1.

But, as DeMaio pointed out, the current ballot, as written, is deceptive. “What the politicians did moments before they printed the ballot was they changed the title of the proposition from Gas Tax Repeal initiative to Eliminates Road Repair Funds. Then they raised 40 million dollars to buy misleading ads featuring the CHP and an attractive young family, all proclaiming “If you vote for Prop 6, you’re going to die in a car crash. They’re trying to scare us and bully us into taxing ourselves.”

In fact, only 59 percent of those funds go to highway maintenance, road repairs and public transit, according to the Department of Finance. (see chart) while slightly more than 22 percent pays for the DMV, CHP and other state agencies in charge of regulating and enforcing traffic laws.

A small portion, just under 3 percent, helps the state pay the administrative costs of collecting, distributing and auditing the gas taxes and fees. An even smaller portion helps reduce the negative impacts of vehicle emissions on the environment, fund research and workforce development related to transportation, and pay for bicycle and pedestrian amenities with roughly 7.5 percent pays off transportation-related debt.*

“These politicians don’t want to have an honest vote on Prop 6, they want to defraud voters and they want to dupe the voters, into voting no on something they actually want to vote yes on in a super majority manner,” adds DeMaio. “Prop 6 was intentionally mislabeled by the politicians – and if we can’t trust them to print the truth in an election ballot, how can we possibly trust them at all?”

They can take a popular 65% vote, change the wording on the ballot and dupe us into raising taxes – and not just this one time. Once this tax money is spent, there won’t be anything to prevent them from raising taxes again, and again until we won’t need to worry about repairing roads – no one will be able to afford driving on them!

DeMaio plans to take his bus to cities and towns up and down California handing out signs, flyers, bumper stickers and drawing thousands more volunteers before the November 6th election. “We don’t have millions to purchase misleading television and radio scare ads, but what we DO have is the truth and many, many individuals who are spreading the word through texts, emails, social media, phone calls and by showing up at all of these rallies throughout the state.”

For more information on the Yes on 6 campaign and a complete list of rally locations, visit:

*The Mercury News


Raven West

Raven West

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