Yesterday’s bungee jump ride rescue at the Fair

Ventura City Fire personnel responded to multiple reports of a person hanging upside down from an amusement park bungee-jump ride.

The first arriving unit reported an approximately 19 y/o M subject who had been hanging by his feet for approximately 20 minutes, attached by a bungee cord to a metal cage suspended from a crane approximately 90-100 feet above the ground, with two other people still inside in the cage.

After the subject completed his bungee jump, reportedly there had been a mechanical failure of the system needed to raise him back up, as well as the system that could be used to lower the cage down to the ground.  It lef  him stranded in mid-air. Fire personnel used an aerial ladder truck to reach out and up to support the subject from underneath while he was disconnected from the bungee cord and then assisted down the aerial ladder to the ground.

He was reportedly uninjured and refused available transported to the hospital. Unable to reach the cage with the aerial, due to the height of the cage and the forced setback of the apparatus from the objective at hand, rope systems were instead used to belay/rappel the other two subjects (one customer and one operator) down safely from the cage, both of which were also reportedly uninjured.


Photo Credits: Ventura City Fire

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