Young America: The Republicans’ Lifeline



By Mike Smith

There is no serious Republican who’s not very concerned about the dangerous demography of the Republican Party today. It’s no secret that it has the reputation of being the party of old people and old ideas, despite winning the 2016 election. Media-wise, this was clearer during the Obama era; the GOP was only competing against leftist democrats, not Republican populists in addition. The story being told on TV was a simpler one. But as the election has proven, what the TV shows is too often not the whole story. Does anyone need reminding of the disconnect between Hillary Clinton’s (now disproven) high polling numbers and her pitifully low rally turnouts? Perhaps—but not most folks, as the mainstream media is being exposed. However the disconnects between young Republican Trump supporters, the rest of the Republican Party, and the non-Republican young are far more disturbing.

President Trump may still be attracting large numbers of young Republicans at his rallies, but they don’t represent the party as a whole. Despite the 2016 change election, the mainstream GOP still has a huge Millennial deficit. For all the doubters, just go to a nearby Republican Party meeting that’s not part of a Trump rally. Once the crowd has gathered, look around and try to count the number of people under age thirty. In most cases, there are too few to accurately number. This is no accident.

Hitler said, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”—and he did, for a time. Like the Nazis, the Democrat Party has also proven this truth, albeit over a much longer period, and on a much bigger scale. The Democrats measure time with a calendar and size with census trackers. And as with the young people of Nazi-era Germany, the main draw of young Americans to the Democrat Party is a submissive lifestyle guarantee in exchange for merit-based personal freedom. Indeed, millions still make the trade. Young Americans—especially Millenials—are largely without the knowledge of free market capitalism or a healthy education experience. This is one crisis the Left has not let go to waste. Be sure they will let it over their own dead bodies, especially for the inner city young who toughen the Democrat Party’s base.

But while the Democrats have a firm monopoly on the young, it’s a cheap one. It’s dirt cheap, frankly. Most young Democrats don’t care about American politics or understand how it works (or rather, is supposed to work). In fact, most young Americans of all types are as politically illiterate as they were a year ago. What they do know is that entitlements are addictive, they feel good, and votes for the Democrat Party keep them coming. Entitlements are the Democrats’ political capital.

Continually losing the young is the Republican Party’s number one problem. If the Republican Party does not win back young America—and very soon—the Trump era will end as a Pyrrhic victory. True tyranny will most surely follow, guaranteed first by those too old to know better than to not vote, and second by those too “young” to know how to vote responsibly. As freedom is only one generation away from extinction, America is only one such victory from ruin. Wake up, Republicans!

Mike Smith is a writer, Millenial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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