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    1 Year After Roe Repeal, Suspected Church Arson Tops 300+ Pro-Abortion Crimes

    On the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that freed America from the grip of abortion as a “constitutional right,” a Catholic Church was set ablaze in what many pro-lifers fear is another in a long list of pro-abortion terror crimes.

    The fire at the Incarnation Catholic Church in Orlando, Florida, was discovered Saturday night and destroyed the inside of the church, according to its priest, Father William Holiday.


    Saturday, June 24 was the one-year anniversary of the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision that overturned the Court’s 1973 Roe vs. Wade ruling that had imposed legalized abortion on all 50 states for almost half a century.

    Since the Dobbs decision was leaked to the media on May 2, 2022, almost two months before the official release of the Dobbs ruling June 26, 2022 (with the leakers never apprehended), a leftist campaign of violence has been unleashed under the name “Jane’s Revenge” – designed to punish and terrorize pro-life churches and counseling centers that seek to help women choose life for their unborn baby rather than murder through abortion.

    Jane’s Revenge took credit for the May 8, 2022, Mother’s Day firebombing of a Milwaukee pro-life group Wisconsin Family Action, as documented by reporter and podcaster Robert Evans:


    The Jane’s Revenge website contains its June 2022 “communique” with its ominous threat against any pro-life institution that refuses to shut down its operations: “From here forward, any anti-choice group who closes their doors, and stops operating will no longer be a target. But until you do, it’s open season, and we know where your operations are. The infrastructure of the enslavers will not survive.”

    Even left-leaning Wikipedia makes no attempt to soften its description of Jane’s Revenge: “Jane’s Revenge is a militant, extremist, abortion rights group that encourages and claims responsibility for acts of firebombing, vandalism, and arson in the United States, targeting crisis pregnancy centers, a church, and a Congressional office. The claimed attacks began in May 2022 after a leak of the ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson, which would soon overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling on abortion rights. By 2022, Jane’s Revenge have claimed responsibility for 16 pro-choice militant incidents following Dobbs.”

    More than 300 anti-pro-life assaults since 2022

    The pro-life news site, which has compiled a long list of attacks against pro-life institutions and people, reported the Orlando church fire as follows: “The attempted arson follows over 300 pro-abortion acts of violence against pro-life groups, churches pregnancy centers and pro-life individuals. That and the fact that the church was set ablaze on the prominent pro-life anniversary makes it appear likely that a radical abortion activist was responsible.” (LifeNews’ full list of 303 attacks worldwide against pro-lifers since 2022, each with web news links, can be accessed HERE.)

    Others, including Incarnation’s priest, are waiting for the arson investigation’s results before calling it pro-abortion terror.

    Asked by a reporter if he thought his church was “targeted,” Father Holiday told local News6 TV: “I wouldn’t even want to conjecture.”

    Similarly, the National Catholic Register reported, “It is unclear if the fire at Incarnation Catholic Church is related to an abortion activist’s violence.”

    And yet, with firebombing already a chosen tool of terror by “Jane’s Revenge” extremists, and previous probable pro-abortion attacks occurring on symbolically important dates like Mother’s Day, many pro-life activists, like the LifeNews site, are not accepting coincidence as the explanation for the burned-out church. Moreover, Orlando pro-lifers appear to be the target of pro-abortion extremists (see the James Hirsen tweet below).

    Pro-life advocates have expressed outrage at President Biden’s passive response to the the pro-abortion left’s militant response to Dobbs, which includes protests in front of Supreme Court justices’ homes, a potential assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and then a campaign of actual violence and vandalism against pro-lifers coupled with threats by Jane’s Revenge of further violence.

    A National Review article a year ago headlined “Abortion Supporters, End the Violence,” stated: “For five weeks now, we’ve watched pro-abortion activists organize coordinated and dangerous attacks, one after another, against pro-lifers. Pro-abortion activist group Ruth Sent Us organized an effort to storm Catholic Masses and other religious services. Activist organization Jane’s Revenge, meanwhile, has undertaken a systematic campaign to vandalize and destroy pregnancy-resource centers from coast to coast: a fire-bombing in Buffalo, graffiti and broken windows in Seattle, attempted arson in Oregon, vandalism in Washington, D.C., arson in Illinois, graffiti in Northern Virginia, Molotov cocktails in Wisconsin, and the list goes on.”

    Even though FBI Director Christopher Wray has stated that 70% of all abortion-related violence has been against pro-lifers, Biden and his radically “pro-choice” team have slow-walked investigations into the rash of attacks and the president certainly has not used his bully pulpit to discourage the targeted attacks.

    LifeNews founder, Steven Ertelt, writes: “Many pro-life organizations are increasing security and Republican lawmakers are demanding action from the Biden administration to crack down on the growing pro-abortion domestic terrorism. But, while the Biden administration has been aggressively working to expand the killing of unborn babies in abortions, it has done little to stop the hostilities directed at pro-life advocates and churches.”

    The National Catholic Register, using a tighter definition of pro-abortion attacks, came up with 110 total assaults on pro-life “churches, pregnancy centers, maternity homes, political organizations and billboard/ads” in the United States:

    A list of pro abortion incidents against pro life groups and people published by the National Catholic Register using Catholic News Agency data ScreenshotNC Register

    Last month, Newsmax columnist James Hirsen tweeted out an incident, also in Orlando, in which mutilated animals were left on a pro-life pregnancy center’s property:


    Dobbs saves babies lives, 24,000 or more, data suggest

    LifeNews reported Tuesday that new data shows “between July 2022 and March 2023 – the beginning of the post-Roe era – the number of abortion performed in the United States fell by approximately 24,000.”

    The figures are from the “#WeCount” project of Society of Family Planning, which “obtains monthly abortion data from abortion facilities [and] compares abortion declines in states that have passed protective pro-life laws with abortion increases elsewhere,” LifeNews reports.


    Even so, LifeNews writer Michael New suggests that the “#WeCount” data could actually understate the number of babies saved by Dobbs: “Though the #WeCount project is laudable, pro-lifers may have to wait for abortion data from the CDC and Guttmacher to have a better sense of the incidence of abortion in the United States post-Dobbs…That said, birth data from Texas provide very powerful evidence that protective pro-life laws are saving lives.

    “The Texas Heartbeat Act, which protects preborn children after about six weeks’ gestation, took effect on September 1, 2021. In my Charlotte Lozier Institute analysis, from November 2022, of Texas birth data, I found that the Heartbeat Act was preventing approximately 1,000 abortions from taking place in Texas every month. Also, new data from the CDC show that in 2022 the Texas birthrate increased by 4.7 percent — the largest percentage increase in the country,” New writes.

    Meanwhile, a Twitter video put out Tuesday by the pro-life group Life Action providing education on the “abortion pill” regimen reports that more than 20 million unborn babies worldwide have been killed this year alone:




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