Go Ahead, Democrats – Make Our Day!



By Mike Smith

The Democrat-Media Complex (DMC) is eager to do to Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett what it did to now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It has no other choice – the out-of-control Democrat voter base will not tolerate ethical diversity.

Once again, the Left’s ‘power to the people’ chickens are coming home to roost.

The Left in America has no idea how many young conservatives it has already created out of its politicized, bigoted Supreme Court Justice senate confirmation hearings of the past. One of these fine people was the late Andrew Breitbart, without whom we would not have president Trump – let alone the America First agenda.

So when the DMC surely does to Amy Coney Barrett what it only knows how to do, the inevitable blowback will hit the Left. It will hit sooner or later – but it will surely hit.

And the Marxist-Leninist lemmings of the Democrat Party’s growing Squad constituency will be the last ones to figure out why.

We who know history and its patterns are not ultimately worried about whether Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed to the Supreme Court before election day. There is politics and politicians – and then there is culture and the state of We, the People.

Half a century of left-wing subversion cannot be undone by one election or Senate confirmation hearing.

But –as Russia, Venezuela, California and Illinois prove– the Left can undo itself.

And you can be sure the Organized Left will make it happen in our own backyards, shredding (what’s left of) the cover its followers and movement have hidden behind all these years.

Go ahead, Democrats – Make our day!


Mike Smith was a 23 year resident of Camarillo

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