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    By Matt Decker

    As the Coronavirus panic-demic loosens its hold on California, our governor, Gavin Newsom, has ordered the beaches in Orange County closed. Recently, Beaches in Orange and Ventura Counties had opened. Crowds, tired of being cooped up waiting for the government OK to leave their homes, flocked to beaches in both counties. Newsom decided based off photos from Newport Beach in Orange County that the OC residents must be punished for daring to be within six feet of each other. Initially, according to the Mayor of San Diego, all California beaches would have been shut down. Newsom likely limited his order to Orange County for fear of further angering and alienating his voters in other parts of the state. This folly of forcing Orange County beaches to close has nothing to do with Coronavirus or public safety.

    Coronavirus has been much exaggerated. Commentators who compared it to Influenza or called it a Chinese cold were mocked and demeaned. However, as the data pours in, it continues to vindicate those who dared to question the authority of the hapless computer modelers. The Diamond Princess cruise ship, docked for weeks in Japan, led to an estimated fatality rate of 0.5% in China, magnitudes less than the 3.4% fatality rate provided by the disreputable WHO. The ever-precise Germans estimate a fatality rate of 0.37% on their soil. Antibody testing by Stanford of Santa Clara County puts the fatality rate between 0.12% – 0.2%.  USC fielded their own antibody research in Los Angeles County, which yielded similar results to the Stanford study. Even in New York City, the hardest hit place in America, the fatality rate makes the claims of the WHO and the modelers, laughable. Not to be outdone in the false and fraudulent predictions department, Newsom claimed, “We project that roughly 56 percent of our population – 25.5 million people – will be infected with the virus over an eight-week period,” That was on March 19th. To date (April 30th), there are 46,500 cases statewide. Long story short, Coronavirus is more akin to a bad season of Influenza than the Plague the media has made it out to be.

    If Newsom cared about the safety and well-being of Californians, he would not have released murderers and sex-offenders. On March 27th, he released 21 state prisoners (and pardoned 5 more). These prisoners consisted of a woman who burned down her house to kill her three children; a man who stabbed his pregnant wife to death; a paid hitman; and many other salacious individuals. These “Friends of Gavin” are just a small sampling of the evil-doers unleashed on law-abiding Californians; the total amount sprung rings in at 3,500 inmates. This should be no surprise, even before COVID-19, Newsom was spending his time dumping prisoners from the jails and halting the death penalty. Any rational individual understands that inflicting thousands of criminals on our streets is a greater threat to public safety than the Wuhan-Flu.

    The beach and the great Pacific are icons of California. Many of us spend our free time in the water, on it, or around it. During this period of government-forced closures and media-induced panic, a little sunshine and sand can help Californians keep their sanity. This attempt to close the beaches, further proves that Newsom wants to run the day to day aspects of our lives, from whether we go to the beach to what kind of yard equipment we can have. The Orange County beach closures are just the latest installment in Newsom’s attempt at reigning in individualism and crushing the Spirit of ’49. His petty and juvenile acts should be remembered this next election. Better yet, maybe it is time to recall Newsom, with the same vigor and candor that recalled Davis in 2003. Singling out Orange County by taking away their shoreline should be reason enough for Orange County voters to lead the charge in holding Newsom accountable. Keeping Californians from their beaches is immoral and illogical. It is time to reopen California.

    Matt Decker is a resident of Ventura

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    2 years ago

    Incorrect, he is using this disease to sieze unconstitutional authoritarian powers he does not have and is picking winners and losers according to his personal preferences illegally. Welcome back to serfdom. Statistics and data analysis have proven government fear mongering wrong at every turn. Newsome is a despicable human being who looks good and has nice teeth. just another snake in a suit politician.

    Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy
    2 years ago
    Reply to  DPE

    I’m glad there are those who see Newsom for what he is: the man who would be emperor. His subjects displeased him by actually leaving their homes and going to the (GASP!!) beach to have fun. HOW DARE THEY? Now they need to be punished. Newsom (or Nuisance as many call him, although he has gone far beyond being a mere nuisance) has threatened all manner of punishments if we fail to obey his orders.

    Newsom and his henchpersons, especially Xavier Becerra, are enemies of the people, enemies of the Constitution and enemies of America itself. They must be removed from office forthwith before they finish their destruction of the State. They need to be dragged out in handcuffs NOW and put in prison for the rest of their lives for the heinous crimes they have committed against the residents of California. They seem to forget that we are Americans and have rights.

    2 years ago

    Stop he is trying to save lives people are crazy and full of entitlement .

    Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy
    2 years ago
    Reply to  Connie

    You mean “entitlements” like not being held prisoner in their homes? You mean “entitlements” like being able to go to work and earn money to clothe, house and feed their families? You mean “entitlements” like being able to have their businesses open and be able to pay their employees, suppliers, landlords, et al, so they can take care of their families? These are not “entitlements”, these are rights. As citizens, not subjects, we have these rights and they are not to be denied us.

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