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    A Plea For Action On Life

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    By Gerald Christian and Gail Grace Nordskog

    Dear American patriots and all the world, from California

    While, we toot-talk and maneuver in all kinds of ways, we need results!!!

    Temporary restraining orders against murdering babies in the womb would at least give us time to regroup and organize for a major battle in prayer and action. How gross and wrong is this murder of babies. Yes, murder demands a major restraining order, even for years.

    We cannot trust the judicial system, but must keep up the fight for judicial reform also.

    Out of town on a long drive, I heard, of the confirmation of Leftist activist Ketanjii Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. Why in the world? We must make a complete halt to appointing terrible judges into the Supreme Court and lower courts. Now!

    What is wrong when we cannot appoint good Supreme Court justices, who will uphold the rule of Law?

    How would we fight if one of the little ones subject to murder were born babies? Would we allow it?  Of course, that is exactly what the rotten murderers do. Enough is enough!

    We can pray, that is a good tactic.  But prayer has not saved the scores of babies murdered since the 1973 Supreme Court ruling, but purposed to die in the womb or born, bloodied or heads crushed.

    If the USA constitution cannot stop this evildoing in America, we are more than lost!

    We haven’t advanced much since the roe v. Wade ruling — not even a real law, actually unlawful, and certainly a ruling actively to resist.

    I follow God. Clearly, by now we all must realize that every abortion is gruesome murder of another baby in the womb.  How stupid we are in America and elsewhere.  We need somebody with guts, like the Crusade for Life ministry featured in this edition of the Bell Ringer, to pray, and yet to do more than pray. We can start by moving to take urgent legal action! It is not law. It is not in the least just.

    Brave fighters have rescued many children, thank God. But in the long run, we have accomplished nothing permanent.  Have we successfully prosecuted anybody who participated in abortion-murder, even a doctor or a mother or father!

    Let’s go to the rule of true law. Check the bible and see this is indeed murder, terrible murder at that. I don’t care who does the murdering. It is wrong.  We executed killers in years gone by. Murder deserves the death penalty, which minimized murder, at least in past years. We need to implement the death penalty again, with no escapes! Certainly murder is still against the laws of our land, and of our dear God according to the Holy Scripture, which is plain as can be.  We need to proclaim that this act of abortion is wrong, is evil and, is murder of an innocent child, whether the mother or father or doctor or anybody else says they have an excuse (Exodus 21:22). God gave His Law to purge evil from the peoples’ midst (Deuteronomy 19:19).

    Abortion is murder. Where the life of an unborn child is concerned, an alternative always exists. For example, we adopted four children from China, three girls and a boy, now all adults. We love them as our own. They are our own!

    We have plenty of moms and dads that have adopted.  Yes, a simple word: adopting an unwanted baby in the womb.  That is at least a partial remedy, that is worthwhile and a joy. My wife Gail and I saved four babies by way of adoption (all four born in China). Step up and adopt to save a life!!!!! God be with us in all USA states and all nations, to adopt, not take out our future!

    We also need to pray to our Lord and Savior, our King of Kings for more ways to solve this problem. Maybe some courageous lawyers can get involved and legally take charge now!

    If anybody has any other solutions, to do the right thing, under the Law of God in His Bible, please stand up and shout praise to God from whom all blessings flow.  It is murder, the blood is on their hands.

    Thank God for Randall Terry and so many rescuers, my friends at Crusade for Life, and others.

    I send this spontaneous letter everywhere in the world it may go, as of this very hour. I believe I am led by the holy spirit.

    In the name of Jesus, we pray,

    Gerald Christian and Gail Grace Nordskog



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