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    A Rebuttal to Sexual Grooming Our Children

    Opinion by Naomi Fisher

    Before giving my side of the Sexual Grooming I must state I had and still have gay friends. I have a wonderful trans friend. They have their style of life, I have mine. We keep our private lives private, behind our own closed doors. That does not interfere with our friendship.

    I also want to say that we are teaching our young to respect all life styles and wish for those to respect our straight children as being straight. I was one.

    As a child I was a “Tomboy”. In fact I was probably one of the “Tommiest” ever. I grew up in citrus/avocado grove country and my closest neighbors were two boys, Ronnie and Leslie, and one girl, Diana, who played with dolls.

    The boys and I climbed trees, rode bicycles for hours and ate lunch at whomever’s house was closest. Depending on the weather we got in dirt/mud clod fights against two older boys while standing in trenches we had dug in a vacant lot. I did not want to play with dolls and miss all that fun. My Dad had taught me how to wing a baseball and I scored a lot of hits with those clods.

    Back then we had to wear dresses to school so it was important that I changed into jeans the minute I got home because I couldn’t climb trees and fight in a trench in a dress. One grammar school recess I bent over to pick up a loose ball, the wind caught my skirt and blew it up over my back. I listened to almost the whole school yard sing, “I saw London, I saw France. I saw Naomi’s underpants.” I was humiliated for the whole rest of that school day. Darn stupid dresses!

    I am very sure that during those years if some “authority figure” like a teacher or school counselor suggested to me that if I preferred to wear trousers and climb trees that perhaps I should have been born a boy – I would have become very confused, might have believed them. After all, I had never consciously thought about the fact I was a girl or that my friends were boys. We were just friends and did fun things together. And to a young child in school, teachers know everything.

    In eighth grade neighborhood parents jointly hired a dance instructor to teach us ballroom dancing. All of a sudden my heart gave a little lurch every time Ronnie asked me to dance. I had finally discovered what it meant to want a guy as a “real boy friend”. Somewhere during that time he placed his hands on each of my cheeks and kissed me, a closed lips smack and I knew I was falling in love with my best friend. Our puppy love lasted almost a whole year.

    The point I’m making here is that until those dances with Ronnie at age thirteen I never thought about femininity or wanting to kiss a boy. I was just playing with friends and having such a great time, marriage and having children never occurred to me.

    Had I made that decision to be a boy I never would have experienced my transformation from a tomboy into a very feminine, young woman who loved to dress the part and eventually became a wife and mother! I would have missed the most wonderful moments of my life: Marrying a man I deeply loved, our wedding day and the joy in being the female of our marriage, of feeling the stirring of my children while they nestled, growing inside me near my heart, all the joys and tears and frustrations of being a mother raising two very precious kids.

    I must also add that my younger brother grew up playing with a doll that I had no time for. He carried and drug that poor thing around the house even after he started school until he eventually got a set of smaller soldiers. He grew into a man who reveled in his masculinity and became a devoted father that changed dirty diapers, gave baths and cleaned up the mess after feeding time. See what he would have missed if an “authority figure” suggested because he played with dolls perhaps he was the wrong sex at birth and should be a girl?

    My thoughts on today’s Sexual Grooming in schools: Each of my gay friends have told me that they knew unequivocally from early childhood on that they were different, knew they preferred boys. The trans knew early that she was born wrong, that she should have been a boy. And as they grew older they made their life choices accordingly – albeit having to face the stigma that society put on them back then. But today’s world is more aware, more understanding, more accepting. And deliberately confusing a child in Kindergarten or elementary school, even a few years older as to their “brain sex” is porn! Let them get through puberty and reach adulthood. By then they will know for sure!

    I have to ask: Why are the schools now deliberately trying to confuse and in some cases change the sex of straight children?

    For Heaven’s sake! The gay and trans already know who they are. Let the straight girls be tomboys. Let the straight boys play with dolls. According to psychology I have studied, we who have done so come out more mentally and emotionally balanced. So don’t butt in and label them. Let them grow up without forcing them into a possibly detrimental life’s decision.

    I’ll repeat: In this day and age we will let the gays, lesbians, trans and whomever be who they choose to be, who they were born to be.

    Let our straights be who they are. Don’t try to succeed in damaging our straights’ id! They are being taught to respect your life style. You need to respect theirs. Otherwise you are acting out of revenge or a need to control everyone. Life is hard enough without all that confusion added to it.

    Because now, finally, the world is big enough for all of us.

    Article, videos link:


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    This site includes a link to download an educational brochure on what is being taught in schools.

    Sex Education in Public Schools: Sexualization of Children and LGBT Indoctrination. “This pamphlet…will offer some action steps for parents to consider in their fight to protect the health and innocence of their children.” Article Link:

    Critics say the new guidelines are an assault on parental rights and expose children to ideas about sexuality and gender that should be taught at home.

    EDUCATION GONE WILD – The Radical Reshaping of K-12 Public Education: Gender Redefinition and Self-Selection

    This article has a link to the Sandstorm article below:

    The Sandstorm: The Gender Cultists Meet Resistance

    Excerpts: After DeSantis signed his FL bill:…a gay teacher in Parish, Florida, creepily bemoaned the fact that he can’t talk about his love life with his kindergarteners anymore… The Los Angeles Unified School District’s Office of Human Relations, Equity and Diversity hosted a 10-week online club for LGBT elementary schoolers, including children as young as four years old in the fall of 2021….

    Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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