A Student of History is not Surprised by the Riots



By Sigrid Weidenweber

If you go back to the days of Rome, you will note that the empire was weakened to the point of collapse by power-mad Caesars, corrupt senators, and government officials, using unruly mobs to gain the power they could not attain otherwise. However, we do not have to go back to antiquity to make our point. Let us just go back to Germany in 1919 when the Communists used unionists in Hamburg to start a revolt. In combination with a general strike, the Communists started this revolt. At first, the localized disturbances, led to violent conflicts with law enforcement, the army and regular citizens, with bloody results. In Berlin, and a few other cities, the battles raged from January 5 to January 12, 1919. The Weimar Republic, governing at that time, was weak, leading to a power struggle between the moderate Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD)led by Friedrich Ebert, and the radical Soviet-supported Communist Party of Germany (KPD). This party was led by Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, a Russian educated, Jewish woman, who came to Germany via Ukraine. Confronted with the violence and disruption of their lives, the German people squarely aliened behind the government, and the revolution was crushed. At that time, Rosa Luxemburg noted in one of her speeches, that the overthrow of the government could never succeed without major support from the populace. The Communist party learned from this event. If they could not overpower the people in the countries whose governments they tried to overthrow by brutal force, as in the Russian October Revolution, then they must find a way to accomplish the destruction of the society from the inside out.

The Communists attempted again and again to gain power in Germany between 1919 and 1923. In times of trouble one needs decisive leaders willing to take action against anarchy and extinguish violent insurrection by unhappy minorities. The Weimar Republic was not strong. The population recoiled from the Communist onslaught, which led, you might remember, to the Hitlerputsch. Hitler and his adherents understood that trust in the ineffective government was at a low point. They started an insurrection in a Munich Beer Hall during the days of November 8 and 9, 1923. The people, wishing for normalcy, looked for strength, and they got Hitler.

The next time Communist mobs raged in Germany was after WWII. Then, after division of the country into East and West, the East controlled by Russian occupation, the West by the allied forces, both sides were granted free elections. That went well, and fully democratic in the West, however, when the provinces in the eastern part attempted to establish a democratic government through proper elections, the Communist cadres of Communist Germans, trained in Russia and brought in by the Russian forces into Germany, had other ideas. One of the parties on the slate was the SED, the party of the Communists. It was created by the Soviet occupation authorities, to give legitimacy to their Russian Communist party, by forcing the remainder of the SPD, Germany’s Social Democratic Party to merge with the Communists. They entitled the resulting political hermaphrodite Social Unity Party or SED.

I was too young to remember many details. I believe that six parties were on the election platform. However, I remember vividly that my entire family supported the CDU—the Christian Democratic Union. My mother and uncle pasted placards in support of their choice at night after work. Others, supporting their parties, placed their messages right along theirs. The SED posters did not stand out well among the others. Therefore, after at first tearing down the messages of other parties, one night, young Communist thugs and hired criminals arrived at the scene with guns, bats and steel posts, which they used to disperse the supporters of every party but their own. Ordinary German citizens had no weapons to fight back, for all weapons left to them had been collected by the Russian occupying force that backed the minority Communist party. My mother told me stories of the vicious pursuits young democrats endured, for they kept on posting their messages. Of course, the SED won the rigged election, and soon thereafter, most of the other parties disappeared—democracy had died. A Communist regime reigned. Freedom of movement, freedom of different thought, personal business ownership and advancement were abolished.

I could give hundreds of historical examples of unrest in societies, most of it caused by minorities, being persuaded by power seeking entities, that they are entitled to what others own. I chose, however, the examples above, for they affected me personally and programmed my perception of changes in society, especially in our country. Early on after coming to America I noted subtle changes in the cultural norms, growing rapidly, driven by designing forces. Rosa Luxemburg’s early predictions that small contingents of political activists could not overthrow an established well-functioning society without bringing every malcontent, law-breaking- living-on-the-edge group into the Communist fold. First, one had to subvert a major party to socialist thought. I remember how the Democratic party was insidiously seeded with the concepts of socialism. Khrushchev, one of the most outspoken Communists, forecasts that Socialism would be the downfall of America, and deliver America into Communism’s hands. As it all had been spelled out so clearly, I watched with wonder and bewilderment how the infiltrated Democratic party gathered, and fostered every mal-adjusted segment of the population, enfolding it. Opposition was quelled by means of horribly denigrating good citizens. They were labelled for uttering their own believes and tenets, brushed with the tar of racism, homophobe attitudes, being fascists, and environment destroyers. Thus, they were hurt in their very being—on and on, endlessly, as their names and their lives were destroyed.  Yet, everyone with a grievance, feelings of entitlement and victimization, feelings of envy for others successes and wealth, those persons were welcome and supported by the democratic left. Not only that, but they were financially supported with money drawn from tax-payer’s accounts, throwing the country into ever deeper debt. I am fully aware that the Democrats could not have succeeded without the support of large segment of the Republican party. The Republicans cannot be held blameless in this matter.

Has anyone wondered why the organization “Black Lives Matter,” has taken such extraordinary measures to accord the lives of men, who certainly ended horribly at the hands of the police, but who in real life were often criminals and drug addicts, such totally unwarranted elevation into almost saintliness? Since “Black Lives Matter” have never lionized, or even acknowledged, the wonderful contributions of their worthy black citizens, or held them up as an example to their young people, but instead enshrined the troublesome element of their community, I wonder how much these events are used just to disrupt society.  Looting and burning is not a valid protest by any means, for, anyone in this land can get justice in court. However, now some citizens have become infinitely more deserving of special justice than the same cases of Asian, white or Hispanic persons.

Well, as we know from other reports and investigations, the left is not shy to use to criminal behavior and lawlessness to further their cause. The constant attempt to promote lawless behavior, whether to set criminals free under the guise of overcrowding, (why are we not building more jails?) newly sentenced criminals released without any sentences served, the illegal entry into a once sovereign nation, combined with offered privileges and shelters for their criminals in sanctuary cities, shows that the left will do all to destroy society from its healthy roots up. By sheltering and including in their fold any group damaging the republic they show their true colors.

So, here I stand, having survived Fascism, WWII, Communism in the first part of my life, I now see my adopted country being torn apart by the likes of ANTIFA, that despite the anti-fascist name, is nothing but a Communist mob. There is footage by Project VERITAS, claiming through the results of their undercover work, that far-left Democrats brag that George Soros funds their activities. Tom Steyer, unsuccessful presidential Democrat Party hopeful, is named, together with Soros, as financiers of “Refuse Fascism”—an organization dedicated to remove President Donald Trump and with him Vice President Mike Pence from office. These are known facts one can easily research. 

I am not the one deeply concerned about the future of our country. There are millions of people, dreading that a stolen election could elevate the Democrat puppet, Biden, to the presidency. Already March 6, 2018 the highly esteemed Charles Krauthammer wrote in an article in the New York Post about an Obama set-up group, named “Organization for Action” (OFA), which is working, 30,000 people strong, to disrupt anything President Trump is trying to do. Krauthammer remarks, that with a court System, stacked with judges who allow laws to be broken, anything can happen. He also mentions that Obama moved the top dogs of his administration over to OFA to do their worst. He fears, that with the Constitution broken, America could soon be nothing more than a lawless third world country.

Wake up citizens! Inform yourself and vote for the lives you have come to take for granted.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

 Sigrid Weidenweber grew up in communist East Berlin, escaping it using a French passport. Ms. Weidenweber holds a degree in medical technology as well as psychology and has course work in Anthropology.  She is co-founder of Aid for Afghans.  Weidenweber has traveled the world and lived with Pakistani Muslims, learning about the culture and religion. She is a published author and lecturer. You can find her books on Amazon.com

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A lot of common sense, some history. Well done. America today faces bad actors from many sources. Much more than Germany in the 1920-30’s. The left certainly. China with the spying, Muslims with their agenda, illegal immigrants with their hands out. It’s ugly out there.
From what I know about Germany, in the mid 20’s things were looking up, the economy had started to rebound. Hitler’s party at that time were nothing, very little power. Then in 1929 the crash happened in America and the loans that had been extended to Germany were called in. Germany could not service the loans. Everything collapsed. Like you stated, Germans were looking for a strong man and they found Hitler.
America 2020 we have the death of a flawed, drug addled Black man. Sad yes. Worthy of what we are seeing? No. The question I have is what is the root of anger we see in these middle class (mostly) white boys and girls who are screaming at police and breaking things? These kids seem not to have ANY sense of history or common sense. The question we all should ask is where do these middle class kids learn their values ( or lack of them), how long will it take for them to mature or grow some common sense? If BLM is a commie front organization then we should demand our federal government do what should be done. Infiltrate it, and de-fang it.