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    A Wartime President, Or A War-Causing President?

    Joe Biden, jockeying for a political foothold, now considers himself to be wartime president. Is Biden a wartime president, or a war-causing president?

    Credit should be given where credit is due. Donald Trump was a great president concerning many things, including his foreign policy. The prime minister of Hungary said it best (10:08 in video) responding to the question, “What would you do if you were in charge of NATO?” The prime minister said, “Call back Trump.” He stated, “The best foreign policy of the recent several decades belonged to [Trump]. He did not initiate any new war. He treated nicely the North Koreans, and Russia, even the Chinese. He delivered the policy, which was the best one for Middle East, Abraham Accords. So that was a very good foreign policy. … Facts count. His foreign policy was the best one for the world in the last several decades I have seen.”

    In sharp contrast, Biden’s presidency is a foreign policy disaster. This is not surprising since former Obama defense secretary, Robert Gates, stated, Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” If Biden was wrong on foreign policy for 40 years, now that he is 80-plus years old, why would anyone expect him to start making good decisions now?

    Let’s begin with Afghanistan. The Biden/Harris administration departed from Trump’s plan for withdrawal. Even CNN stated, Biden completely “botched” the situation by giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban, just like prior to the 20-year war. Feeling no obligation, Biden abandoned U.S. allies and 9,000 Americans in Afghanistan. He was busy checking his watch during the ceremony for dead Marines slain near the Kabul airport from an ISIS-K suicide bombing. Concerning any obligations to Afghanis who trusted the U.S., Biden stated, “We don’t need to worry about that.” Doubling-down on stupidity, Biden left $1080 billion of state-of-the-art military equipment in Afghanistan. This left the Taliban with new business opportunities. They’re now “arms dealers.” U.S. assault weapons were used in “recent attacks by non-state groups in Kashmir, bitterly divided between India and Pakistan, and in Israel’s Gaza Strip.” The terror plans of Hamas, brutally executed on Oct. 7 against Israel, show that Hamas began planning their attack after watching Biden’s total debacle in Afghanistan.

    Continuing evaluation of Biden’s bumbling foreign policy, let’s look at Ukraine. The U.S. has given Ukraine $113 billion. The entire annual Russian defense spending is only $77.7 billion. Additionally, no one is really sure where the U.S. money is going. Arms shipments are ending up in the hands of criminal gangs and arms traffickers. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) expressed concerns that weapons “provided to Ukraine are ending up in the hand’s of Israel’s enemies, particularly the Javelin shoulder-fired anti-tank missile system.” Concerning the money, well, it keeps disappearing, as oligarchs purchase more oceanfront properties and mountain retreats, with a top Zelensky adviser stating, “People are stealing like there is no tomorrow.” Biden’s deficit war spending is causing generational debt-slavery in the U.S. to repay the loans from countries like China.

    Further evidence of Biden’s foreign policy incompetence is found when you look at his treatment of Russia. In January 2021, President Zelensky appealed to Biden to allow Ukraine to join NATO. An article in Politics shows by March 2021 Biden was already calling Russian Leader Vladimir Putin “a killer with no soul.” Putin had been peaceful for four years during the Trump administration. Biden was ranting about his 2020 election “victory,” stating if it was found Putin boosted the reelection chances of President Trump, Putin would “pay the price.” Perhaps Biden forgot he “won.” His words caused Russia to recall its Washington ambassador, and the U.S. recalled its Russian ambassador too – and that was just the start.

    With Biden poking his finger in the eye of Putin, by the Spring of 2021 Russia began massing troops near Ukraine’s borders in “training exercises.” By November 2021, satellite images showed approximately 100,000 Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. With these “exercises,” what do you suppose Russia was saying it was going to do?

    On Dec. 17, 2021, Russia presented security demands, including that NATO pull back troops and weapons from Eastern Europe and bar Ukraine from ever joining NATO. Dec. 30, 2021, Putin called Biden and asked for “legally-binding guarantees” that “the 30-member NATO alliance” would “not expand further eastwards, [as promised in 1990] and that certain offensive weapons would not be deployed to Ukraine or other neighboring countries.” It was stated, “Washington regards many of his [Putin’s] demands, including restrictions on NATO expansion, as non-starters.”

    So, on Feb. 24, 2022, Putin invaded Ukraine. On July 10, 2023, Biden stated that Ukraine is not ready to join NATO. That was the conversation Putin wanted to have before the war began. So, did Biden’s blundering foreign policy ultimately cause the invasion of Ukraine?

    Now Biden has detonated a nuclear device underground. A week later Russia withdrew from the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

    Then there’s the most recent attack by the terrorist group Hamas against Israeli, American and other nation’s civilian citizens, where these terrorists brutally murdered 1,400. Much attention was given the $6 billion Biden was going to release to Iran, because of concerns this money would be used to fund terrorist. This money is “just a drop in the bucket“. Since the Biden administration lifted 1,040 Trump-era sanctions against Iran, Iran has profited $80 billion in oil sales with China purchasing more Iranian oil than before the sanctions. The Daily Signal states the attack by Hamas on Israel was an Iranian proxy attack.

    So, is Biden a wartime president, or a war-causing president? Using his “Bidenomics,” he is arming people all over the world … terrorists, whomever … with U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons – well, except U.S. taxpayers themselves. We just get to suffer the consequences and foot the bill.


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