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    Letter to the Editor

    Moving Oxnard Forward
    On November 8, Oxnard voters will have the opportunity to vote Yes on Oxnard Measure C (“the Oxnard Term Limits Act”).

    Why adopt term limits?

    Because elected officials often become drunk with power and feel entitled. They act to serve themselves, not represent you – writing laws restricting YOU, while they violate those laws.

    Case in point, in 2020 Oxnard voters adopted Measure B, which includes a ban on city council members receiving gifts from those who contract with the City.

    Since then, a majority of those serving on the Oxnard City Council have accepted one or more gifts in defiance of Measure B.

    This is why we say, “Politicians are like diapers: they should be changed often! And for the same reason!”

    And why Oxnard voters should vote Yes on Measure C to implement real term limits … without loopholes.

    Some of our volunteers put together two short videos providing evidence of council members accepting gifts …

    … and proving that council members KNEW about the law before violating it.

    We have two versions: the first is a three-minute version with more details … the second is a one-minute summary.

    Please let us know which version you prefer … and share this information with your friends and neighbors.

    -Aaron Starr

    [email protected]




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    Douglas D Partello
    Douglas D Partello
    1 year ago

    When the City of Oxnard touts 86% approval by voters of Measure B, keep in mind they illegally denied the voters the ability to vote for Measure C. That is not my words, but that of the Ventura County Superior Court judge. In a very “Machavellian” move, the City Council adopted Measure C, which made it unnecessary to put on the ballot, then shelved it, to put their own watered down version on the ballot: Measure B. This kind of trickery, and chicanery is typical of Oxnard City Hall.
    Thankfully, the judge has now allowed the voters their say on Measure C, which is a much more strict Term Limits measure, without the loopholes.
    The title “government Accountability and Ethics” in Measure B, is another deception to the residents. There is little or no accountability or ethics in 4 0f the 7 City Council members who put forward this measure following the rule of no gifts, in accepting gifts from the Cowboys, and other companies, with contracts with the City. A Yes vote on Measure C will let new blood into our City Council, to change the culture of corruption that still exists there. Vote YES on Measure C. .

    John Jake
    John Jake
    1 year ago

    Mr. Starr,
    You smell like a soiled diaper.

    Douglas D Partello
    Douglas D Partello
    1 year ago
    Reply to  John Jake

    It is not Mr. Starr who repeatedly breaks the laws, or gets his hand caught in the cookie jar. He is the whistleblower that uncovers corruption. Actions speak louder than words.

    Sheryl Hamlin
    1 year ago

    Thank you Aaron Starr for your civic engagement. You and your team are a model of dedication.

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