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Citizens Journal is a Ventura County news and commentary publication, established in 2013, dedicated to reporting news vital to the community, including local governments, school boards, business, civics, politics and other issues important to Ventura County. We also put state, national and international events into perspective in how they affect us here. News is as objective as we can make it. Editorials are something else. We are volunteer-operated. Citizens Journal is now a publication of Citizens Journal Enterprises LLC, formed in 2018, in Moorpark, CA, USA.

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It’s Your Backyard Ventura County.

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Letters to the Editor and Reader Comments

You may post comments on our Facebook and other platform postings. We may delete very objectionable material. Comments left posted do not indicate our acceptance. You may also post reader comments and letters on our web site. Most comments received are directly posted on our articles by readers, subject to our approval/publishing, but you can also post general letters. We moderate all web site postings and usually delete personal contact info, unless you specifically tell us to keep these in the letters. Commenting policy:

• Do not advocate an illegal activity or discuss an intent to commit an illegal act;
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While we encourage intelligent discussion in our comments section, even if there are differing viewpoints, we will not tolerate malicious users who come to SPAM or purposefully sow discord, attempt to tear down reputations maliciously, among other things.

We reserve the right to delete any post and ban any user. We may not give warnings.

On our web site, post directly to articles, at the bottom, or for general letters, go to “LETTERS” menu on home page, click “Read More”, go to the bottom to “Leave a Reply”, post, fill in captcha and click “Post Comment”.

If you have a full length article you would like considered for publication, please send to [email protected]. Relevancy and readability are considered. Obviously defamatory, vulgar, inaccurate or calling for felony submissions will be declined. We reserve the right to accept or reject any submissions at our discretion. Material published will not be compensated for without prior written agreement of the Publisher or Editor. Submitters implicitly guarantee that they have the legal right to submit materials and they/we are not restricted by copyrights.


Advertising in Citizensjournal.us                        

Citizens Journal – Ventura County (https://www.citizensjournal.us, https://www.facebook.com/citizensjournalVC) is a regional online news publication. It focuses on news, commentary, events, lifestyle, civic affairs and other items of interest to readers, including out of area issues potentially affecting readers. We attempt to include some content not typically found in other regional publications. CJ was founded in 2013, is volunteer run and supported 100% by ads and donations.

In February, 2020, we had over 500,000 sessions and 360,00 users. Some are “bounces,” so we used a much more conservative number of 160,000 estimated regular readers. Actual readership is even higher, since many read our articles on Newsgroups, which don’t show up on our web statistics unless readers click through. Nearly 90% of our readers now use mobile devices. About 70% of readers are in Ventura County, 20% in LA County, with the rest in Santa Barbara County and many other places.

Ads are placed on the main page, unless otherwise negotiated. Our premium mobile version ads are made visible to readers of all posts, not just pigeonholed into sections like many of our competitors do. We also include ads in our currently twice weekly email bulletins to web subscribers (currently 2600+) and in our advertising section. There are over 11,600 Facebook “likes/follows” and numerous visitors who come via search engines, referrals, remote links, “forwards,” “shares,” etc. Advertisers get several other benefits we can discuss with you.

All standard ads include a link, if desired, to a page of your choice. Animation is available, as are high visibility banners. We can also create a page for you, if needed.

We do not do custom exclusive ad e-mailings, to stay clear of “can-spam” laws.

Please inquire, send specs, orders, to: [email protected]

updated 4/21.