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    Albie Aware Announces Major New Grant from Prevent Cancer Foundation

    News Release

    SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundationannounced a new program that will expand breast cancer prevention and early detection programs serving Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ population.The Prevent Cancer Foundation recently awarded Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation (Albie Aware), the largest nonprofit organization dedicated solely to breast cancer in the greater Sacramento area, with a $25,000 grant that will provide Albie Aware with the resources needed to run the program. Albie Awareis the only nonprofit in Northern California to receive a Prevent Cancer Foundation grant this year.


    “Albie Aware has always been committed to supporting people facing breast cancer in the Sacramento area. This grant is going to extend our services to the LGBTQ+ community that has been overseen too often,” said Courtney Quinn, Executive Director of Albie Aware.


    Compared to non-LGBTQ+ heterosexuals, the LGBTQ+ community reports much lower rates of satisfaction and quality in health care settings, as individuals in this community regularly face delays or denials of medically necessary care. The program, led by Albie Aware,will begin to close these gaps of care by bringing togetherlocal organizations throughout the region to provide free, mobile, and culturally competent breast cancer screenings for the LGBTQ+ community. At least 90 individuals, many of whom may lack access to cancer prevention and early detection services, will receive mammograms through this grant.


    “We are thrilled to present Albie Aware with this grant that will improve breast cancer care and increase access to early screenings through a mobile mammography program,” said Lisa McGovern, Executive Director of the Congressional Families Program. “When it comes to breast cancer care, Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ residents have unique concerns and barriers to care that require thoughtful solutions – accessible and inclusive screenings are that type of solution.”


    To advance its goal of reducing cancer deaths by 40% by 2035, Prevent Cancer Foundation awarded a total of $250,000 to 10 organizations across the country dedicated to increasing cancer prevention and early detection in LGBTQ+ communities. The projects were selected through a competitive process and were chosen as a result of their direct impact on LGBTQ+ community members.

    About Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation
    Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving the greater Sacramento area. Albie Aware provides life-saving breast cancer testing, prevention education, advocacy and compassionate support. Learn more by visiting


    About the Prevent Cancer Foundation®

    The Prevent Cancer Foundation® is the only U.S. nonprofit organization focused solely on saving lives across all populations through cancer prevention and early detection. Through research, education, outreach and advocacy, we have helped countless people avoid a cancer diagnosis or detect their cancer early enough to be successfully treated.


    The Foundation is rising to meet the challenge of reducing cancer deaths by 40% by 2035. To achieve this, we are committed to investing $20 million for innovative technologies to detect cancer early and advance multi-cancer screening, $10 million to expand cancer screening and vaccination access to medically underserved communities, and $10 million to educate the public about screening and vaccination options.


    For more information, please visit


    About the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program®

    The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program® is a nonpartisan effort to increase the public’s understanding of cancer prevention and early detection. Families of Senate, House, Cabinet, Supreme Court and the Diplomatic Corps are invited to work within their respective constituencies to educate the public. The Congressional Families Program offers educational events, materials and resources to equip its members to bring the message of cancer prevention and early detection back to their communities. 


    Learn more by visiting



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