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    America’s Most Famous ‘Gay Nazi’

    Given that the entire coalition of leftist institutions in this country, from the corporate media propagandists to “critical race theorizing” academia, to violent street activist networks like BLM and Antifa, to the Biden White House, and even our military and intelligence agencies, have all been hyperventilating about the threat of “white supremacy” for the past few years, you would expect the name Frank Collin to be on the lips of every politician and pundit. But, instead … crickets.

    On June 24, 1978, Frank Collin staged the most notorious display of white supremacy and antisemitism and in American history. The head of a recreated Nazi Party based in Chicago, Collin shocked the nation with a plan to march his troop of actual Nazis in full uniform and regalia through the Jewish suburb of Skokie. Here’s a short summary from the Wikipedia page of the National Socialist Party of America, which he founded in 1970.

    “In 1977 Collin announced the party’s intention to march through the largely Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois, where one in six residents was a Holocaust survivor. A legal battle ensued when the village attempted to ban the event and the party. Represented by a Jewish ACLU lawyer in court, they won the right to march on First Amendment grounds in National Socialist Party v. Village of Skokie, a lawsuit carried all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, though it failed to carry through its intention (at the last minute, Chicago relented and [in 1978] they marched there instead).”

    I was a Portland, Oregon-based hard leftist in those days and learned about this event in advance. My first marriage (to a Russian-Jewish girl) had failed after just one year due to my pot-head stupidity, and I had bought a 10-day Amtrak train pass as the first step in a return to my drifting nomadic lifestyle. Rolling eastward through the western states I met a couple of Antifa-types in the observation car on their way “to throw stones at the Nazis in Chicago.” Over a snack of marijuana brownies, they invited me along, but I declined because I wanted to get the full value out of my train pass (and stayed on for nine and a half days: Portland to L.A., to Montreal, to St. Petersburg, Florida). In retrospect, I wish I’d been there in Chicago to see the spectacle with my own eyes.

    Years later as a “right-winger” exposing the homosexual roots of the Nazi Party, I discovered that one year after the Chicago march, Frank Collin was convicted and jailed for sex with boys: He was a pederast! – just like the original Nazi Brownshirts of 1920s Germany. Now you know why Collin is almost NEVER mentioned by the left, and why the entire incident is largely memory-holed (although ABC News broke ranks in 2018 to invoke the Skokie incident as a way to bolster the Charlottesville “very fine people” smear against Trump).

    Film buffs will recall the “gay Nazi” subplot of “The Blues Brothers” in which comedian Henry Gibson plays a role based on Frank Collin, leading his troop of Nazi goons on a sporadic chase of the Chicago-based band. In the climactic scene for the Collin character, as his car plunges toward certain death, he turns to his Nazi companion in the driver’s seat and exclaims, “I have always loved you.”

    While Frank Collin has long been portrayed as a far-right figure (notwithstanding the fact that the Nazis openly named themselves socialists!) I have long suspected that Collin’s “real-life” Nazi persona may have been as phony as the “Blues Brothers” portrayal.

    First of all, Collin was the half-Jewish son of a self-proclaimed Holocaust survivor, and his chief defender was a Jewish left-wing activist ACLU lawyer, David Goldberger. While that fight by a Jewish lawyer to preserve the swastika as a symbol protected by the First Amendment is usually cast as a free speech purist’s heroic defense of free expression, it also ensured that at least in the short term, swastika displays would serve as a powerful motivator of counter-action.

    Second, Collin’s term as a Nazi figurehead parallels the birth and rise of the Southern Poverty Law Center (the world’s most lucrative direct-mail fundraising operation cynically using “right-wing hate” as its pitch to fleece wealthy Jewish donors). Collin founded his Nazi chapter in 1970; the SPLC was founded in ’71.

    Third, the most significant outcome from the Skokie outrage was the establishment of the Chicago Holocaust Museum in 1981 – a major boost to the vision of creating a national network of such museums, which is important because …

    Fourth, a key LGBT political strategy begun in the 1970s was the fabrication of a “Gay Holocaust” equivalent to that of the Jews. As soon as the Holocaust museum network arose, it was hijacked by the “gays” to advance that fraudulent “pink triangle” narrative (as documented in my book “The Poisoned Stream,” specifically Part Three, “How American Gays are Stealing the Holocaust”).

    To be clear, I am a staunch defender of the truth of the Jewish Holocaust – which was the deadly fruit in Nazi Germany of the exact same eugenics movement that spawned the abortion industry in the U.S. (and today pushes “transhumanism” worldwide).  But I am a vehement opponent of the Gay Holocaust Hoax, which is a gross exaggeration of the deplorable but relatively minor mistreatment of a small minority of German “gays.” Kevin Abrams and I wrote “The Pink Swastika” to debunk that fraud, but we couldn’t stop the more devious “gay” exploitation of the Jewish Holocaust through control of the museums.

    Even today, the landing page of the US Holocaust Museum in D.C. (whose hugely influential first director was openly “gay” Klaus Mueller) features the Gay Holocaust lie. And scroll down on the home page of the Chicago Holocaust Museum to read about “Celebrating Queer Joy in 1920s Berlin” and how “LGBTQ Kids are Under Attack” by a Florida law banning “gay” propaganda to elementary school students. (Importantly, these Holocaust museum are “must visit” field-trip destinations for virtually all public schools in driving range.)

    From his squalid Nazi lair in the Marquette neighborhood of Chicago, America’s most famous “gay” Nazi, Frank Collin, and his handful of (FBI plant?) followers generated a media circus that garnered the attention of the world and created the impression in the public mind that the Nazi Party was alive and well in America and a major threat to minorities. In a very real sense that circus may be viewed as the equivalent a false-flag terror attack in that it rallied the nation against a common enemy to serve hidden political agendas, because in retrospect his swastika flag really does seem to have been a “false flag”: just a theatrical prop.

    What decidedly wasn’t false among all the swirling factors in this landmark historical event was Frank Collin’s pederasty – the same sexual deviance that characterized so many of the actual Nazis of Hitler’s party and regime. So, ironically, in the final analysis, Collin’s perhaps phony Nazi street theater antics really did reflect his own inner-Nazi identity. And that’s the fact the public will never be allowed to know.



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    Michsel A...
    Michsel A...
    1 year ago

    Numquam fiducia Liberales!

    1 year ago
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    Caitlin, Sue and @realjesse, Enrique
    Caitlin, Sue and @realjesse, Enrique
    1 year ago
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    What is that? Never Trust Liberals? I agree!

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