An Open Letter to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

By Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life             

“(Democrat Sen. Chuck) Schumer has urged Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the president from office, and failing that, the senator from New York says Congress should try impeaching the president – again.

“I want to know exactly where Biden and Harris stand on that outrageous and anti-American proposal.

“What I’d like to hear from the America’s worst senator – Schumer, is how he justifies his inflammatory rhetoric, which only pours fuel on the flames after yesterday’s (Jan. 6) events at the U.S. Capitol. How does his ranting calm the anger of tens of millions across the country, or serve the ‘unity’ and ‘healing’ of the country the Democrats pretend to want?”

“While I do not ever condone breaking into buildings, disrupting government proceedings, or breaking windows in the Capitol, it’s puzzling that social media would take this action (censoring President Trump). The only thing this accomplishes is to further alienate those who are already angry, and remove from them a significant peaceful tool for airing their grievances and supporting their President.

“We should be increasing peaceful activity, not stifling it.”

(Editor’s Note: Priests for Life (EndAbortion.US) is the world’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated exclusively to ending abortion.).

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5 days ago

The whole situation is unAmerican and divisive, and has been since President Trump was elected. The abuse conservatives have put up with the last four years is beyond disgrace. I don’t know how we come back from this.

5 days ago

Yeah I Believe Joe Biden’s my President Alright…! Like I also Believe in Epstein’s Suicide..