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    Antifa: Far Right Tactics, Far Left Endgame

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    By Mike Smith

    Knowing the far Left, and knowing yourself in light of the far Left, is needed for being able to stop the Left as a whole in your community – in the way you are best Constitutionally gifted to do so.

    Now that it can’t go back into hiding, Antifa is begging us to finally know it for what it is – and end it.

    Antifa was founded in Weimar-era Germany as the Communist answer to both Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers (NSDAP, or ‘Nazi’) Party and the Weimar Republic. It competed with the Hitlerian national socialist Sturmabteilung (SA) for total government control – both groups using the same anarchic (far Right) tactics on the streets against everyday citizens.

    Yet neither Antifa nor the Nazi Party were ever on the Right – had Antifa overtaken Hitler’s rise to power, the Communist government to follow would have been just as Left-wing totalitarian.

    Antifa is as Left-wing today as it was in 1932. It uses far Right tactics in pursuit of a far Left endgame.

    The roots of the deceptively named ‘Antifascistiche Aktion’/‘Antifascist Action’ (Antifa) go deep.

    So here are a couple good starting-point resources to help equip you and others in the mind-over-matter understanding of the threat that is Antifa (and its allies, which are equally totalitarian):

    For lack of knowing Antifa and its many co-belligerents –including the equally-Communist Black Lives Matter– these enemies of the US Republic are scaring too many Americans into first seeking government protection, not personal defense of self, family and community.

    Such defense includes voting against Democrats with ties to Antifa, BLM et al – even where the only known tie is voiced sympathy. It also includes primarying cowardly ‘Republican’ politicians who allow or enable these Democrats and their ‘special interests’. Both are eroding our Republic from within.

    When conservatives do not protect themselves, the government naturally ‘does’ it for them, growing in size and scope as a result. In other words, wherever too many conservatives fail to conserve small government locally, the government naturally expands leftward in reply. Antifa, BLM et al want this.

    Not knowing an enemy organization is as bad as being physically threatened with no real way to defend yourself. Especially concerning the domestic enemies operating in the U.S., which has no counterintelligence apparatus. The effort to conserve America will be won or lost at the local level.

    Knowing the roots of any enemy is required to know that enemy – and knowing an enemy is required to defeat that enemy. This has held true for centuries. You cannot stop a threat you do not know.

    If we want to uphold the Republican Party platform in the party’s stead –and keep the Republic– then ‘know the enemy’ can be the only effective first step forward. There is no substitute. Know the enemy.

    Mike Smith was a 23 year resident of Camarillo

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