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    Are Career Politicians Helping Or Hurting Us?

    By Tim McCarthy

    California has become a tough place to financially and mentally survive. I’ve been a resident for over 25 years and seen the decline first hand in my personal, as well as business life. There are lots of reasons to complain but very few step up to change them. I am the exception.

    I have been in the trenches for the past three years representing “the people” who have been taken advantage of by the Government. Since the career politicians no longer care what we think, it’s time to get rid of them and put in normal, common-sense, business owners like myself, who are not in it for a political career, but to actually fix the problems.

    This election is very important but who you vote for is more important. Why vote for Tim McCarthy?

    * Conservative Values & Fiscally Responsible
    * 35 years in public safety & 17 of those owning a security company
    * 22 years volunteering with charities to help less fortunate
    * 10 years as basketball coaching helping kids achieve their best
    * 8 years in Boy Scouts leading boys to become gentlemen
    * Endorsed & financed by regular people who just want more out of life

    I am running for Ventura County Board of Supervisors because they touch so much of our daily life and restrict our family and economic growth. They are just out of touch completely. We need fresh, common-sense ideas to rebuild our economy and lead our county. We need someone to protect us against Sacramento and Los Angeles. We need someone who can say NO!

    Endorsements are from small businesses, citizens and citizens groups, like Mama Bears of Conejo Valley, California Republican Assembly, Move The Needle Conservative Action Group, TurnTheTide, and others. You won’t find politicians, unions, or big developers giving me money because “the people” are the threat. I AM THE THREAT because I represent you!.

    I ask that you vote for me as the conservative candidate that can turn things around. I know I am the best candidate but even if you aren’t sure, what have you got to lose to try someone that’s in it for the right reasons, and has experience with leading?

    Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] with any questions, request a yard sign or friends meetup. If you want to make a small donation to be part of helping with the victory, that is also appreciated at



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    12 days ago

    I am not surprised that someone being paid by Exxon would write such an udder piece of crap.

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