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    As Fear of COVID Wanes, A Hard Leftist Pivot Back To Climate Change

    Opinion By: Liam Brooks

    The incessant fearmongering over the China Virus appears to be petering out a bit.  Yes, there are still people wearing a mask virtually everywhere, even in areas where they’re not mandated by a local tyrant.  But masks have been overrated from the get-go; even a certain Midget King scoffed at them during the early days of the so-called pandemic.  As one courageous doctor recently stated, wearing a mask to protect against the virus is like using a cyclone fence for mosquito netting.  Great analogy, but he still lost his job as a resident surgeon at a local hospital.  So much for being honest.

    If you pay close enough attention, you’ll still see some dimwit — with about as many functioning brain cells as Joe Biden — driving his/her car, sans passengers, wearing a mask.  So, yes, there are still a good number of drones out there who live in abject fear and may wear a mask for the rest of their lives.  Fear can be a great mechanism for controlling a population, something the Marxist/Democrats figured out a long time ago.

    But there are some encouraging signs that a good percentage of the population is giving the proverbial “international sign of friendship” to our elite masters.  College football games are a good example.

    Many stadiums are jammed to capacity, with zero social distancing and nary a mask to be seen.  Some of the stadiums hold up to 100,000 people, which, according to Lord Fauci, would constitute a “super-spreader” event.  But the fans don’t give a poop, and the same appears to be true with the NFL and the recently completed baseball season.  Many people just want to live a normal life and stop worrying about what, in all honesty, amounts to nothing more than a bad flu season…especially when you learn that very few people died exclusively from the China Virus.  Politicians should follow the lead of Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis, who, despite constant hysteria from the left-wing media, handled the virus better than any of his contemporaries.

    Politicians and the filthy rich elites sense the change, and they desperately need another bogeyman.  If you follow the news — especially online — you know the direction they’re heading: a suddenly hysterical focus on man-caused climate change!  Over the past few days, Yahoo! News has published lead stories featuring Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and Tom Steyer — billionaires all — who know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we’re all doomed if we don’t stop polluting the atmosphere with carbon emissions.  Electric cars are part of the answer; just ask Elon Musk, yet another billionaire, who gets even richer with massive government subsidies for pursuing green energy. Disregard the fact that if it wasn’t for taxpayer dollars, he’d actually be losing money on the unaffordable-for-most Tesla.  But what the heck…he wants to save the planet, so give him a break!  Never mind that some studies show it’s very likely more expensive to drive an electric car than a standard gas-powered vehicle…not to mention the exorbitant cost, pollution, and power usage of building countless recharging stations across the country.  As usual, liberals refuse to look at the broader picture. 

    Greta Thunberg, Swedish teenage climate fanatic, is once again getting prime coverage from the mainstream media.  This angry, troubled little girl — who suffers from OCD, Asperger’s syndrome, and selective mutism — never went past the ninth grade and, according to her father, needs a “cause” to stay semi-functional.  She’s quite the role model.  Brainwashed kids go batty over Saint Greta, publicly swarming around her and treating her as if she’s the 21st Century version of Joan of Arc.  In reality, she’s a puppet for the climate zealots.

    Is our planet doomed by carbon emissions?  To put it mildly, it’s not “settled science,” as Barry Obama and numerous other control freaks have repeatedly stated.

    Far from it.  In fact, insisting that a century or so of technology will destroy the planet in ten or twelve years is arrogant, short-sighted, and deceptive…not to mention downright stupid.  Environmental loons never mention the billions of years of variable solar activity, orbital shifts, volcanic eruptions, and asteroid and meteor strikes.  Geological studies prove that cycles of cooling and warming have always happened and, no doubt, always will.  To insist that carbon emissions over a hundred or so years is more catastrophic than what the Earth has dealt with since time immemorial is flat-out ignorant.  After all, people weren’t driving around in their SUVs — or even inhabiting the Earth, for that matter — when climate change extinguished the most powerful land animals ever to walk the earth (i.e., dinosaurs).

    Regarding the “settled science” mantra, a large and virtually ignored number of meteorologists, climatologists, astrophysicists, and geologists have posed reasonable questions when they hear the usual cadre of fear-mongers repeatedly spew that unmitigated lie.  Furthermore, hundreds of credentialed scientists signed a letter to the United Nations last year pointing out the contradictions and selective omissions inherent in so-called climate science.  But their effort was essentially mocked, and the signees were deemed “not credible,” a common Marxist disclaimer when their narrative is questioned, and they don’t have a viable answer.

    It’s no surprise that hysteria over (alleged) man-caused climate change dominates articles and websites.  But if you muddle through the groupthink, there is some good material to be found. Fifty years of failed doomsday

    from the American Enterprise Institute is definitely worth reading.  It’s a concise and factual chronology of failed left-wing climate predictions.  At the bottom of the page is a wonderful bonus video from Tony Heller, My Gift To Climate Alarmists.  He calls it “my most concise exposé of climate fraud,” and it’s well worth the thirteen minutes of viewing time.  Finally, on the Reading University Debating Journal, an astrophysicist named Piers Corbyn published an opinion titled “Man-Made Climate Change Does not Exist!”  From a scientific perspective, the piece is somewhat above my pay grade.  But the man obviously knows his field and openly challenges dissenters to debate him.  It’s a compelling source of information and is worth a look, even if you’re not a scientist.  

    Yes, fear of the China Virus appears to be fading.  To maintain control over their subjects, our Marxist rulers are attempting to reinvent the wheel by using the tired old canard of man-caused climate change.  This has been tried many times before and — despite hysterical support from the media — has never been very high on the list of citizens’ concerns.

    Don’t expect the elites to ease up after Monday’s election shocker in Virginia.  To the contrary, our radical rulers will get more fanatical than ever.  They’re scared right now, and nothing can be more ruthless than a gang of Marxist despots that feels threatened.  Look at the facts and take a stand, especially as the tyrants shift their climate change dogma into overdrive.


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