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    Automatic Voter Registration System Can Increase DMV Voter Registrations By More Than 70%

    News Release:

    New Report from NextGen Policy Finds Upgrade to Automatic Voter Registration System Can Increase DMV Voter Registrations by More Than 70%

     SACRAMENTO, CA — Today, NextGen Policy released a new report analyzing different types of Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) systems. The report found that slight changes in AVR structure can have huge impacts on voter registration rates.

     The report, Toward a More Inclusive Democracy: Optimizing Automatic Voter Registration Systems, notes that after the state of Colorado changed its AVR program from a “front-end” system—which requires individuals to decide whether or not they want to opt-out of registering to vote while at the DMV— to a “back-end” system—which allows individuals to decide later on in the convenience of their homes—the state saw a 74% increase in the voter registration rate at the DMV.

     The release of this report comes as California lawmakers consider Senate Bill 583, which would make a similar change to California’s existing Automatic Voter Registration system.

     It also comes as early voting turnout in California’s primary elections lags behind turnout for last year’s recall election.

     “It is clear from this report just how much Californians stand to gain from passing SB 583,” said California State Senator Josh Newman, who authored the measure. “California’s existing AVR system has done wonders for California voters, but it can be even better. And with the goal of protecting the freedom to vote and expanding election access in our state, I strongly encourage my colleagues to read this report and factor in its findings as they consider this legislation.”

     “This research reaffirms what we in Colorado have known for some time,” said Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. “States can make significant improvements to voter registration by streamlining the process at their respective motor vehicle agencies, making voter registration simple and secure.”

     “Our findings illustrate just how dramatic a shift in voter registration we can see from simple changes to the system,” said NextGen Policy Advisor Amy Hamblin, an author of the report. “The increase in voter registration we found is in keeping with the broader conclusion that placing the onus of registration on the state instead of the individual leads to a marked improvement in voter registration rates.”



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    1 year ago

    I first voted well before “Motor Voter” schemes came into existence. It was easy to register at my local library. All of these “automatic” voter registration schemes further extend voting ability to people with no civic engagement. I’m not a fan.

    @Miguel A
    @Miguel A
    1 year ago
    Reply to  Tommy

    “Motor Voter” schemes were dreamed up by the very drunk Ted Kennedy. He was correct in thinking that it was the quickest way to get millions of illegals and general bums on the voter rolls. A casual look at California illustrates the damage all of this has done here. An outsider examining recent California elections would assume either only idiots are voting or the game is fixed.

    1 year ago
    Reply to  @Miguel A

    An outsider examining recent California elections would assume either only idiots are voting or the game is fixed.

    OR BOTH !

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