Biden ATF nominee confirms he’d ban AR-15s, America’s most popular rifle

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Bob UnruhBy Bob Unruh  WND News Center

David Chipman claims the common firearm is ‘particularly lethal’

It’s because this gun, the common AR-15 rifle, is “particularly lethal,” says Joe Biden’s nominee to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

That’s why he’d like to ban it.

The Federalist reported on David Chipman’s appearance on Wednesday before a Senate Judiciary Commjittee hearing.

“The AR-15 is one of if not the most popular rifle in America. It’s not a machine gun, it’s a rifle,” explained Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. “Your public position is that you want to ban AR-15s, is that correct?”

Of course, Chipman said.

“The AR-15 is the gun I was issued at ATF’s SWAT team, and it’s a particularly lethal weapon and regulating it as other particularly lethal weapons, I have advocated for,” he said.

He didn’t explain what makes this firearm “particularly lethal,” nor how it is more “particularly lethal” than another gun.

Chipman did explain that if he is confirmed, he would “enforce the laws on the books,” which do not now include a ban on AR-15s.

But his agenda clearly has included such a move.

The Federalist report noted he earlier called for an “assault weapons” ban in 2019. And he previously worked for a group that plans for bans on “assault weapons” and some firearms magazines.

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa suggested putting Chipman at the top of the ATF would be like “putting Antifa in charge of the Portland Police Department.”

He said, “Day to day, ATF plays a significant role in the legal trade of firearms in this country. Many see putting a committed gun control proponent like Mr. Chipman in charge of ATF as like putting a tobacco executive in charge of the Department of Health and Human Services, or Antifa in charge of the Portland Police Department.”

This story was originally published by the WND News Center

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United States Patriot

I think we should ban autos and large trucks because they are participle lethal. Myself and my family have suffere more collisions that were not our fault than any attempts by someone to use any gun let alone an AR15. So let’s ban knives too. More knives are used in brutal crimes than guns. The thought of banning AR15s just makes them more prevalent. I’d rather have. President that could actually finish a speech than one that is so afraid of guns. He will give the United Sttea to China if he is not stopped.

Joe C

Chipman is particularly ignorant…

C. Collier

That’s probably why they nominated him.