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    “Big Brother Biden Is Watching You”

    By J. S. Viera

     “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU” is an expression coined by George Orwell that appear right in the first chapter of his novel “1984.”  It means that the eyeballs of the state (the sovereign authority of a totalitarian state), follow you everywhere you move about.

    That reality might seem far away from us.  Nonetheless, it is not. In fact, it is already flourishing here. In America, the country seems as the last stand of liberty.

    The only difference is that George Orwell expression nowadays should read: BIG BROTHER BIDEN IS WATCHING YOU.

    The American version of the tyrannical regime described in the novel “1984”, is gradually emerging while most of our citizens are under the influence self-satisfaction, unaware of actual dangers.

    By weaponizing the Covid 19 pandemic, by means of its vaccine and facemask mandates, this administration has been developing a system to keep a close watch and control of the general population. 

    Throughout the pandemic natural spreading evolution, Big Brother Biden and many other Little Bothers as well, all over the country, with the excuse of saving lives began to force Americans into cages (their residences); six feet apart (called “social distance”); facemask for everyone and vaccination of each single human; like if they were dogs and cats, to prevent rabies.

    Initially, everything seemed under constraint. The narrative was that vaccines were necessary to avoid Covid 19 infections.  But, when many of those fully vaccinate started getting sick again, (the so called “breakthrough cases’), the establishment frenzied. 

    “Scientists” immediately endorsed a different tale: The vaccine was not developed to prevent infections, but to minimize symptoms.  Beautiful!  That’s what I call bad science taking over good science.

    Such myth is untenable by itself. It can’t be brought to justify vaccination, because the fact is that most unvaccinated people who get infected have few or no symptoms at all.

    Nonetheless, it has been employed for that purpose.  Now, the plot is precisely that we need, not one, but two or more shots to protect ourselves from extreme suffering.

    That kind of chronicle by itself force a fundamental question:  How come it is not feasible for Big Pharma to develop a vaccine that protect you and me for at least one year?  Lack of scientific or intellectual ability? Exploiting opportunities with little regard to principles?

    For big business, of course, the more vaccines, the better.  Big money!  They savored green blood, and as hungry vampires are after everyone jugular vein.

    To do so, they need the main stream media; hundreds useful medical idiots; third class comedians and Big Brother Biden as chief in command of the most incompetent administration ever misguiding this country.

    Vaccinate or else! Use a facemask or else! Have a vaccination certificate if you want to work, travel, share social life even with your own family, go to sports events, restaurants, churches, shopping malls and schools. All the more, if you need medical attention, do not bother requesting service if not vaccinated.  Going against the system is considered leprosy; and untreatable condition.

    If that is not totalitarianism, I don’t know what authoritarianism is!

    Big Brother Biden will know by his legion of unconditional prophets of doom if you are or not vaccinated. At this pace, pretty soon he might enact another executive order  prohibiting sex without face masking and/or if not inoculated. Remember what he already said, “My patience is fading”.

    Big Brother, that is, Biden Machiavelli, has been embracing the 15th century Italian philosopher unusual belief that “the ends justify the means”. Under his administration, almost any action is perfectly acceptable as long as it results in the desired political and economic outcome.

    He claims that protecting lives is the ultimate objective, and to do so, his statements are supreme. Dictatorial controls are needed to scrutinize Americans lives in order to save them.  We have no rights; only one is in place: the right of the system to dictate what it is good for you and me.

    Big Pharma prescribes and the system obey; forcing the population into an endless vaccination shooting range; since Covid 19 inoculations only “protect” you for three or four months.

    The main stream media and several medical “experts” are needed evils to support the official proposals and propaganda which obviously advance big business interests. Since adults are diminishing as potential clients, now they are after our kids aged five to twelve.

    Current official advertising is without precedent. Through television, radio, posters, phones and all possible means of communication, Big Brother Biden is on your back. He wants complete obedience and devotion to his magnificent executive orders. He is playing God; so we must follow the rules, even if we have to betray our principles in his honor.

    Sometimes I wonder if this is the “land of the free and the home of the brave” or, the” land of the zombies guided by Big Brother Zombie and the home of the runaways”.

    Remember! Democracy is not free; either we fight for it, or we lose it.

    Are we going to be terrified every year because of a virus? Now we have one that has killed .02 of one percent of the USA population, and the system justify its social control in the name of our redemption from Covid 19.

    Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. Since Covid 19 is slowly fading out, they already have their marketing in place.  In the next few months Big Brother Biden and Big Brother Business, with the unconditional support of Big Brother Yellow Journalism, will launch, using eye-catching headlines, that their vaccination and facemask orders saved millions of Americans from definite disaster. Cause and effect indoctrination impossible to verify, unless good science standards are in place. So far, bad science is in control.

    But, that isn’t all. Once Covid 19 is gone or in recession, the system has the mechanism to create other variants (Beta, Gamma, Zeta, Eta; you named). Don’t be surprised if vaccines are already in stock for each one.  So, get in line for the impending shots.     

    It is an idiocy to think that we can keep the country under this kind of irrationality indefinitely. Suppose this panic madness keeps on going for months and years. What’s the most probable outcome of forcing unvaccinated people out of workforce for long periods of time?

    For many, their day-to-day labor is what buys them bread, for both themselves and their children; not a onetime $1200 check. If they are forced out of the working environment, eventually they will face hard times.

    And, hard times means social, economic and political unrest.

    This administration is ploughing a factual insurrection. If it doesn’t change course; more controls will be necessary; such as, holding nonvaccinated Americans out of the streets.   Incarceration is an alternative, of course.  But, since we don’t even have enough jails for convicts; much less for millions of rebels refusing bending to Ba-al. Concentration Camps might be the next step. Totalitarian options; but still options available for Big Brother.

    The media in one hand and politicians on the other are fashioning a new breed of citizens that I call Covid19 Americans. Quite different from what we used to be. We were free and fearless; now we are becoming feeble and absconders. Every time a virus comes about, we start panicking and running to the next trap.  

    The establishment knows that fear is one of the most effective means of control. But, living in fear is not living at all.

    * J. S. Viera is a retired university professor of statistics and population

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

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