BLM or KKK? Take the Quiz



By Paul White

Throughout America’s history, new social movements have periodically come forward, promoting “groundbreaking change and improvement” from the old ways of doing things.  But before abandoning historically proven morals, values, and methods for implementing constructive change, any thinking person should ask themselves: Is this new social movement truly something advanced and wise to follow…or is it just a re-packaged version of something that has been tried before – found inadequate and/or destructive to our way of life,  and rightfully rejected?  

The Black Lives Matter organization  (BLM) currently promotes itself as the ONLY way to really “fix” America’s historical racial problems.  The relatively new BLM claims to be the polar opposite of America’s 128 year-old iconic hate group, the Ku Klux Klan…but ARE they?  Take the following quiz below and see for yourself.  For each question below, the answer is either:  KKK,  BLM,  or BOTH.    

1) Which group picked a clever name that evokes strong imagery for their friends AND foes?   

2) Which group came to power by exploiting periods of great political upheaval in America and preying on people’s fears of the other race?

3) Which group’s goal is to stop the government-supported victimizing and destruction of THEIR race by the other race, and to “save the country from the OTHER race’s desire for racial supremacy?”

4) Which group mentions “love” and “compassion” and denies that they hate the OTHER race, while under-stating and steadily pursuing their own biased agendas and violent actions to the contrary. 

5) Which group does NOT disavow the violence spread by their supporters, and says they are “unapologetic” in doing whatever is required to support their OWN race first?

6) Which group started out promoting their message of racial hate with public protests, which later led to their supporters threatening people in their homes, singling out members of the other race for severe beatings, and ultimately deadly violence?  

7) Which group has distorted America’s history via their support of historically false movies and videos,  and mistakenly believes that America was built primarily on the backs of  THEIR race?

8) Which group has built coalitions that have successfully influenced/intimidated/extorted politicians (including Presidents!), schools and colleges, churches, the media, big businesses and large landowners?

9)Which group heavily indoctrinates children, supports convicted race-murderers, and defacto sanctions para-military groups and activities that sabotage government operation?


10)  Which group is almost extinct, has less than 10,00 people today who even agree with them, and is virtually bankrupt after being repeatedly sued for race crimes?

11)  Which group has 15-25 million Americans participating in their protests  – a total of 200 million Americans who say they support them, and committed resources of $1 Billion? 


  • If you answered “Both” for questions 1-9, you understand that Black Lives Matter is not offering a unique solution to achieving racial harmony, but is in fact, just another hate group. 
  • If you answered KKK to #10, and BLM to #11, you realize why good people of ALL races  need to work together to expose and stop a seriously dangerous juggernaut that threatens America’s future for everyone.  
The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

Paul D. White is the co-host of “Race Across America” on Fox affiliate 99.1 FM (KKFT) in Reno, NV.  He welcomes feedback at:   [email protected] 

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