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    BREAKING: Google ML Fairness Insider Comes Out of Shadows

    Earlier this year a brave YouTube engineer spoke to Project Veritas on the record about political bias at Google.  YouTube is a subsidiary of Google and where he has worked for the past eight years.

    This courageous young man leaked documents to Veritas that showed Google’s political agenda and an editorial bias — potentially evidence that Google is running amiss of their exemptions under Section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act.

    He leaked documents to us that show that Google could be breaking federal law.

    Now that brave insider is stepping out of the shadows.

    Meet Zach Vorhies — the Google Leaker.  Since coming to Veritas earlier this year, Zach has left Google and has made it his mission to expose what he calls, “something dark and nefarious going on with the company.

    Zach is speaking out.  And he has a lot to say.

    In the short time since our first interview with Zach, Google has suspected him of leaking information.  According to the insider, Google has sent him a threatening letter and even allegedly sent law enforcement to his home in California.

    Google is allegedly retaliating against Zach — but he’s not giving up.  In fact, Zach is doubling down.

    In our latest release, Zach asked that Project Veritas publish additional Google documents, some of which seem to add to concerns of ongoing political bias at Google.

    You can view the hundreds of pages of leaked Google documents HERE.

    Despite Google’s efforts, Zach tells Project Veritas that becoming an insider has put him at peace:

    “And there’s people right now that are listening to this, that work inside Google and, and understand what I’m saying and agree with me and they, they’re, they feel tremendous guilt.  I want to talk to them and say, look, it’s okay.  . . . And I’ve been living with this like burden for three years, since 2016 when they started changing everything and you know, and, and to have that burden lifted off of my soul is I’ve never felt happier or more at peace with myself than I have like right now.”

    After risking his career and livelihood to show you the secrets inside Google, Zach has made one ask of our followers at Project Veritas — he wants you to share this video with as many people as possible.

    In case YouTube removes our video, you can view it on Bitchute here:

    In the words of our insider Zach Vorhies:



    “The reason why I’m doing all these sacrifices is because I want to help save America.  And every single person behind their computer right now can help me do that by taking these documents and sharing them with people that they know . . . And I believe that if they share this, then they’re going to be able to help this message and they’re going to be able to take part in this revolution where we all come together from the left, from the right, liberal, conservative.”


    Project Veritas

    P.S. >> If you’re an insider in tech, government, education or media — reach out to Veritas NOW at [email protected]

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