‘Cabal’ Formed ‘Shadow Campaign’ To Fortify 2020 Election, Time Reports

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Cameron Kerkes

A “cabal of powerful people” worked to “fortify” the 2020 election through a “shadow campaign,” according to a Thursday Time Magazine, report.

A co-ordinated alliance between activists and “powerful people” in many industries and across political lines sought to protect a free, fair and uncorrupted election, Time reported. The groups influenced states to “change voting systems and laws” and encouraged tech companies to take measures against disinformation.

Laura Quinn, the co-founder of a for-profit voter database company, developed a program designed to track disinformation and halt its spread, according to Time. In her conclusions, she found it necessary to pressure social media companies to vigorously police their platforms for disinformation and immediately remove accounts and posts involving false information.

Quinn’s research helped activists persuade social media leaders to take a firmer stance against disinformation, Time reported. In November 2019, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg had dinner with nine civil rights activists which resulted in stricter guidelines and enforcement of rules.

“Was it enough? Probably not. Was it later than we wanted? Yes,” said Biden administration Associate Attorney General nominee, Vanita Gupta, Time reported.

“But it was really important, given the level of official disinformation, that they had those rules in place and were tagging things and taking them down.”

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Yeah everyone knows Pedo Joe was installed.. No I don’t think we are going to Coexist..


That’s a happy coincidence then – many of the covid denier anti-vaxers that tend to swallow that far-right nonsense probably won’t exist for long.


The saying ‘Politics make strange bedfellows’ isn’t new. Many governments have coalitions that form, reform and change alliances.


According to the conspiracy obsessed right-wing, anyone who tries to get organized to prevent criminal behaviour is part of a “cabal”. The more light that is shone on the Trump/Qanon/Proud Boys syndicate the better.

Michael A....

When Senator Rand Paul thrashed George Clintonopolis and made it clear there WAS cheating, it was clear-there was cheating in the form of various State Attorney Generals who changed the rules of elections without the consent of State Legislatures. This ain’t no conspiracy, this is what happened.

Del Westbrooks

The extent of disinformation propagated by Trump remains genuinely disturbing. Apparently people have a right to say things that aren’t true and people have a right to believe things that aren’t true. When the President is the one telling the lies, has undermined trust in democratic processes and encouraged people threaten the government then he has to be held accountable and his lies exposed.


Save us Oh glorious Ruling Powers – from illness, toil, thought and anything else you, in your wisdom, wish upon us! A Ministry of Truth will be another blessing from you.