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    California Kern County Board Supervisor Jeff Flores Labels Constituents “Clinically Diseased” for Questioning 2020 Election Results

    By Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit

    California Board Supervisor Jeff Flores lashes out at his own Constituents as “Clinically Diseased” for Questioning Election Results and Dominion Machines

    Sparks flew during a recent county meeting between Kern County resident, Vince Maiocco, and County Board Supervisor, Jeff Flores (R), over insults levied by Flores towards his own constituents during a radio appearance on the Ralph Bailey Show.  Maiocco played a recorded segment of the broadcast, where Flores and radio host could be heard referring to Kern voters as “election deniers” that are “clinically diseased,” among other disparaging remarks.

    Maiocco, a college professor and baseball coach, who has studied the elections very closely, condemned Flores’ comments which characterized constituents like himself as “still hung up, having a sick symbiotic relationship, and using manipulation for… personal gain….”

    Maiocco called on Flores to apologize for his “unattractive comments.”  Instead of apologizing, Flores can be heard saying “I stand by every word I said,” and even “doubled and tripled down” on his comments.

    Their exchange can be watched here

    What precipitated Flores’ lashing out at a large Republican constituency?  Especially, when a recent Reuters’ poll documents that well over two-thirds of all Republicans believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump? 

    Or more importantly, why did Flores insult Kern voters, after a local NBC affiliate poll revealed that 80 percent of Kern residents surveyed want the contract with Dominion terminated?

    The answer to those questions can be traced back to a January 24th county meeting, where a packed room full of Kern residents demanded that Board Supervisors vote to terminate their contract with Dominion Voting Systems.  Confidence in the machine vendor is at an all-time low following the recent Election Day debacle in Arizona, where an estimated 40 to 50 percent of Dominion tabulators malfunctioned in Republican-leaning precincts, disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of voters.  The raucous meeting included a standoff between Flores and former law professor and election expert David Clements.  Flores arbitrarily limited speakers to two minutes, even though the majority of attendees voluntarily yielded their time to Clements to speak on their behalf.

    During Flores’ radio interview in which he insults his constituents, he claims that he has “seen no evidence” of election fraud.  Flores, in self-serving fashion, cites his own electoral victory as proof that there should be no concern over the Dominion machines.

    Flores had an opportunity to put his claims to the test, as he and the other Kern Supervisors were personally invited by Vince Maiocco to a packed three-hour public seminar on Dominion’s many vulnerabilities.  All of the board supervisors, however, declined to show up to the three-hour public presentation the evening before Kern’s January 24th meeting.

    The seminar was presented by Clements, who has overseen forensic audits in eight counties over the past calendar year, and is extremely familiar with Dominion’s remote access capability, vulnerable software design, and head-scratching features that appear to be purposely designed for exploitation.

    Clements was specifically invited to speak at the county hearing by hundreds of concerned Kern residents because the issue of Dominion’s contract renewal was up for discussion on the Kern County agenda.  His advocacy follows a similar effort where the residents of Shasta County, California, successfully secured a vote to terminate Dominion’s contract.

    After learning of Clements’ presence, Kern County Clerk, Amy Espinoza, requested a continuance at the last minute, and the Board discretely removed the item for public discussion. 

    Through procedural gamesmanship, an agenda item that would have normally allowed an expert to discuss Dominion’s vulnerabilities with ample time–now relegated Clements to a paltry 2 minutes. To make matters worse, as chairman, Supervisor Jeff Flores, had complete authority to enlarge time limits to allow Clements more time.  Instead, Flores arbitrarily chose to continue a pattern of behavior tantamount to willful ignorance.

    Private invitations to meet one-on-one before the January meeting were also offered.  Only one board supervisor, David Couch, agreed to meet privately with Clements.  Clements spent two hours presenting evidence to Couch, including an examination of two cast vote records (CVRs) from a neighboring county (San Luis Obispo), showing quantitative proof of machine-driven fraud in the 2020 Gavin Newsom gubernatorial and Lt. Governor races.  Because those races are statewide–the CVRs are of crucial importance to Kern county voters–as their votes in those two races can be objectively proven to have been diluted.

    Two cast vote records showing an impossible ordering of “cast votes” that violate of the “law of large numbers.”  No natural election with random behavior would result in a linear drive towards to a predetermined set point.  Yet, both CVRs establish that the races were manipulated.

    All other Kern board supervisors declined to meet with Clements privately, maintaining a purposeful veneer of “plausible deniability” concerning Dominion’s vulnerabilities.

    California’s election code gives the Kern Board of Supervisors the “power of the purse,” meaning they can defund Dominion at the local level.  It is expected that Kern supervisors will take up the issue of funding again at a meeting set for February 28th.  Requests have been made by the public to have independent experts provide testimony.  It is unclear at present whether the supervisors will have anyone other than Espinoza speak on the issue of machine


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