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    Commentary by Charles Nichols

    Today’s newsletter reverts back to the old format.  Some of you have expressed a preference for plain text emails but although they are certainly easier to prepare, I have no way of knowing if my plain text emails are being opened, let alone read.

    I view my videos as a kind of voice crying in the wilderness exercise and so I don’t shed a tear if they aren’t viewed but if my newsletters aren’t being opened then there is no point in writing them.

    And now back to the newsletter.

    The SCOTUS Long Conference has been Completed.  On Thursday or Friday, the Court will issue a miscellaneous order granting cert petitions followed by its regular Orders List issued next Monday, October 4th.


    Typically, SCOTUS conferences are held on Thursdays and Fridays with the Orders list issued the following Monday telling us which petitions have been granted and which have been denied.

    Next Monday’s Orders list will be a list of summary dispositions, orders in pending cases, and petitions denied.

    There were at least 1,305 petitions scheduled for today’s long conference.  281  are currently scheduled for the October 8th conference. Relists (List 5) will be added to the latter conference on October 4th.

    Of course, all eyes are on Young v. Hawaii.  If the Young v. Hawaii cert petition is denied then I will almost certainly lose my Second Amendment claim before my three-judge panel.

    It is my nature to plan for the worst, and so I have already written a motion to extend the 14-day filing deadline for my en banc petition by an additional 60 days.

    I hope I will not have to file it.  We should know fairly soon.

    A reminder that I track the Second Amendment and closely related cert petitions at my website at this link.

    Note that I have deleted the links to my video channels that were linked below in previous emails.  The links are still at my website in the right sidebar but I discovered that simply linking one of the three alternatives to YouTube was getting my email caught in a spam filter.  Reddit, by default, deletes all videos from that alternative site, I have to manually approve each of my own posts at Reddit.

    I am going to take a chance that the Internet Archive is not similarly mistreated.  Here is my link there.


    Charles Nichols


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