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    California school leaders float $11B tax hike on companies, top earners



    By Stephen Frank,  California Political News and Views

    Think you are taxed too much?  Not those in the education business—they think that chasing the rich out of California is a great idea.  Bad schools, worse roads, high taxes—and now they failures want even more money to provide worse education—makes sense in California—but not in the real world.

    “California education leaders are floating a 2020 initiative that would tax top earners and corporations to raise an additional $11 billion annually for schools, building off recent polls showing strong voter support to boost K-12 spending, POLITICO has learned.

    The move has already alarmed the state’s business community and could create a political dilemma for Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democratic legislative leaders who may be wary of asking voters for another major tax increase, including the third in two decades targeting affluent residents.

    They do not call us TAXIFORNIA for nothing.

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    Stephen Frank: Is the the publisher and editor of the California Political News and Views.  Mr. Frank speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows and is a full time political consultant.

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    Barry Gabrielson
    Barry Gabrielson
    3 years ago

    102 Billion dollars a year is not enough, $17,000 per student never enough. Each taxpayer (property tax, state tax, federal taxes, other taxes) today pays $221,0000 for K-12 per child, that is not enough. Average of 2 children, $442,000 per family. ADA is going down, children are leaving district, we need more teachers to teach a smaller amount of students, test scores going down, 50% of students are below standards for ELA and Math. 80 cents of every dollar goes to highest salaries, pensions and health care, in the nation, not enough. Pension costs and Health Health Cost up 20% per year, that is not enough. LCAP goals for schools not being met, who cares. Superintendent $372,000 a year, not enough. Average salary 84K a year, with 40% fringe benefits, $117,000 per employee, not enough. That is for a part time Secretary, Aide, Custodian, Warehouse, etc. Ave teacher salary $97,000, not enough. Admin pay 100-150K a year, not enough Billions in Bonds, that go to salaries, pensions and health care, not enough. We need more billion dollar bonds, so the district can charge more employees on bonds, to free up more money for salaries, pensions and health care. Taxpayers pay twice in taxes for infrastructure (Property Taxes and Supplemental Taxes), for salaries and benefits. School are mismanaged, and no one cares, no school boards are accountable, no teacher, no superintendent, no one is accountable for below standards test scores and unjustified wasteful spending, again, no one audits, no one cares. School Boards don’t care, County Boards don’t care, DOE don’t care, parents and residents here don’t care. Children are being indoctrinated, no one cares. That should be California’s Motto “We don’t care, care only about redistribution of other peoples wealth to our own pockets”. Solution to mismanage schools, waste more money, tax more, raise prices on consumers, stick all the mismanagement on the taxpayers. Wake up, start to care! All employees at school district receive 85% of their salaries when they retire, 2M in pensions, paid by you and I. Do you get 80K a year in pensions, for 20 plus years? Who do you think pays their pensions and health care cost, in the billions, each year? You do. And 1/2 the students are failing ELA and Math.

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