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The effort to recall Camarillo City Council members Santangelo and Mulchay is because they are the ones who want to defund the police. They tried to get a resolution passed that would have been supportive of Black Lives Matter and efforts to ‘reallocate police funds’.

If you aren’t familiar with Black Lives Matter, they are the ones who in August of 2015 marched at the St. Paul, Minnesota state fair for 4 hours, chanting ‘Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon’. They were referring to police. In the years since, their words have turned into action, as they, along with Antifa, have maimed, and killed police, and burned structures in major cities all over the country. In Dallas, one of their members murdered 5 police officers. In Oakland, a black policeman was shot and killed. In St. Louis, a black retired police officer was shot and killed trying to defend a business that was being looted. And in Portland, they even tried to use quick set cement to seal police inside their building, then fire bombed the building.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa are now joined at the hip. What they are advocating for is the overthrow of our country’s government. Antifa was a communist group started in 1932 in Germany. The oldest organized group in our country is in Portland, called the ‘Rose City Antifa’. Andy Nho, a Portland journalist, was brutally beat up by them in 2019, and almost died of brain hemorrhages. He has been tracking them for 4 or 5 years, and has cataloged over 1000 active Antifa members in the U.S. If you want to learn more about Antifa, you should read his book ‘Unmasked’, just released last month.

BLM/Antifa are working side by side in their efforts to destroy the police. They are no friends of police. They are an evil group. They have no place in our city of Camarillo, and we should stand up against them. That is the justification for the recall effort against Santangelo and Mulchay.

To find out more about the recall effort or to make a donation, visit

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Santangelo is a real POS. She needs to resign her office and save the Citizens of Camarillo the money and paid she is causing. “F*ck you to everyone who won’t pass common sense gun laws.” Susan is not fit for serving the citizens that she so much hates. As she stated in her social media posts, “White people are all racist”

Michael A....

Yes, of course get rid of Santangelo and Mulchay. Forget all the rhetoric, these two are just plain old knuckleheads. Pure and simple, get rid of these two knuckleheads.


This has got to be a joke. Shame on you, Debra Tash, for being so dangerously uninformed and spreading such ridiculous, false claims as “fact”. You’re shockingly ignorant and stubborn for refusing to better educate yourself before attempting to share this asinine bullsh*t with the public or maybe you’re just plain old and senile. Either way, you’re wrong.


I see that since leaving my comment the headline has been changed to include “guest commentary”. Thanks for the clarification and I apologize for naming you when it wasn’t clear.


Anyone can write a book, and misrepresent facts. I support the BLM movement, never met anyone with ANTIFA. You bias is self evident based on your limited grasp of the big picture.